Refillable Water Balls Outdoor Water Toys for Pool Fun(12pcs) - Cykapu
Refillable Water Balls Outdoor Water Toys for Pool Fun(12pcs) - Cykapu
Refillable Water Balls Outdoor Water Toys for Pool Fun(12pcs) - Cykapu
Refillable Water Balls Outdoor Water Toys for Pool Fun(12pcs) - Cykapu
Refillable Water Balls Outdoor Water Toys for Pool Fun(12pcs) - Cykapu
Refillable Water Balls Outdoor Water Toys for Pool Fun(12pcs) - Cykapu

Reusable Water balloons Outdoor Water Toys for Pool Fun 12 PCS

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FUN-PACKED REUSABLE WATER BALLS: Contains 6 reusable water balls and comes with a organizer mesh pocket for storage and carrying. The storage volume is very small, which can hang on the pool and trampoline,making it easy to carry to places such as beach parks. Enjoy summer fun with friends.

START ANYWHERE AND ANYTIME: magnetic fast reloading design, three seconds to complete reloading, no need for filling and tying as traditional water balloons, can be used wherever there is water, Perfect outdoor kid toys for backyard, park, pool, trampoline, or at the beach.

Make a splash this summer with these fun, refillable water balls! Perfect for any outdoor pool party, each ball holds up to 200ml of water and offers hours of enjoyment. Get creative and let the kids bounce, splash, and create a wave of fun.

SAFE MATERIAL FOR LIGHTWEIGHT AND SOFTNESS: The balls are made of high-quality silicone. A single ball weighs only 0.5 ounces, and the wall is very soft and light, so it can splash as long it hits a target. Moreover, the soft material guarantees that no one will be injured while playing. Outdoor toy for kid ages 4-12.

REUSABLE: The reusable design will keep you playing all summer long. Without the hectic preparations of a traditional water balloon, start fighting instantly, anytime, anywhere. After the game, it's convenient and easy for parents to clean up.

Turn pool time into a splashy affair with these Refillable Water Balls! Each one is reusable — all it takes is a quick fill-up to get them ready for round two! So bring out the fun, whether you’re having a water fight or just playing around. Ready...set...SQUIRT!

Make summer pool days more fun with these Refillable Water Balls. These reusable water balloons offer endless opportunities for outdoor play for kids of all ages. Fill them with water, tie them off, and just throw and catch. Enjoy hours of pool fun!

PERFECT GIFT: Rich colors, six color designs, let you start a fun water polo game with your family and friends at the seaside, swimming pool, backyard in hot summer. Enjoy these beautiful moments.

Reuse Over 1,000 Times】The water balloon can be reused more than 1,000 times during the summer splash. Don't worry about the water balloons running out so quickly before you get fun from the summer water fight.

🔵Leak-proof before the water fight startsDue to the patented design of the self-sealing magnetic and silicone materials, the water balloon will remain leak-free immediately after refilling. Playing water fights becomes more fun with it.

🟡【Multiple plays, unlimited Fun】water balloons can be used for outdoor activities in kindergarten, parent-child activities, travel beach toys, and pool water balloons. It's fun to design your own water game with endless possibilities for endless entertainment.

🟣【Having fun without hurting】The water balloons are made of silicone, so they are soft. They will not hurt children when they are having fun.

🟢【Say no to broken water anywhere】In contrast to traditional disposable water balloons,water balloons help you avoid the hassle of removing the pieces from the balloons and Maintaining a clean yar after the summer splash.



What is diameter?

The diameter of the water balloon is 2.36 inches(6cm), and it is easy to refill with water.

Why is it reusable?

Yes, this self-patented reusable water balloon is made with the latest upgraded magnetic technology and extremely durable high-quality silicone, each of our water balloons can be reused over 1,000 times under normal conditions to help you save a lot of money.

Does it hurt when playing?

No, it made of soft material, when you put it in water it will self sealing. When hitting someone, the water will quick splash.

Does it contain latex?

Dear, they do not contain latex. The new summer water balloons toy is made of silicone material, which is odorless, safe and environmentally friendly, and has a smooth surface. Soft material parents do not have to worry about their children being injured. Our products are of high quality, your satisfaction is the best encouragement to us, if you are not satisfied with the quality of the products, you can rest assured to return. I hope you enjoy it.

Are you looking for a fun and sustainable way to enjoy your summer activities?

Reusable Water Bomb Balloons

Look no further than our reusable water balloons! Made from silicone material, these water balloons are both durable and can be used again and again. Plus, their unique magnetic adsorption technology means you can easily fill and seal them without the hassle of traditional water balloons.

Reusable Water Balloons Self Sealing

Unqiue Magnetic Sealing Design

Unique magnetic self-sealing technology makes the water ball to refill in just 1 second when immersed in water. No faucet or tying hassle is needed.

Reusable Water Balloons Self Sealing

Soft Material

The reusable water ball is made of high soft and high-quality silicon, and the soft material means it will burst and not be injured when in contact.

Reusable Water Balloons Self Sealing

Easy For Storage

We will send you a storage bag for free, so that you can store it easily after use. Note, please dry the water balloon in a cool place before storage.

Reusable Water Balloons Self Sealing

Suitable for Kids and Adults

Our self sealing water balloons is not only suitable for swimming pool for kids but also for adults, it is also a great birthday gift idea.

Reusable Water Bomb Balloons

More Useful Feature of Water Balloons:


  • Reusable Eliminates the throw away mess of the traditional Water Balloons.
  • Latex Free for those that are sensitive or allergic to latex.
  • Environmental safety. No latex debris can harm the ecosystem.
  • Non - Toxic. No chocking Hazard for our children and Pets.
  • Easy fill for all ages.


Reusable Water Balloons Self Sealing



  • Quanty: 12 pack of water ballons
  • Material: soft silicone
  • Color: Blue/Green/Orange/Rose Red/Yellow/White
  • Applicable People: 3+children、adults
  • Use scenario:beach, swimming pool, water park, backyard water fun


Reusable Magnetic Water Balloons

The Magnetic Water Balloons will bring you much fun when you play with your friends or family to create more wonderful memory. Perfect water toys for summer and Best Gift Choice for kids.