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Why do dog owners have such a deep relationship with dogs?

Having a dog is like raising a child with your own hands, and it remains a child for life.

When it was a little furry, you fed it water and food, took it for a walk, paid attention to its headaches, tried to communicate with it, teased it with a toy, and when it messed up and peed mischievously, you got angry and thought about it. If you beat it, you are afraid that it will be flattened by you because it is so small and soft. If it rubs against you with its wet nose, you will lose your temper.

Just like this day after day, you think it is just a little cute in your heart, but gradually you find that it seems to have its own personality and ideas, sometimes it surprises you with its cleverness, and sometimes it is daring. Its stupidity makes you feel sorry for it. It also has its own biological clock, that is, it wakes up to find you when you wake up, and it goes to your bed and sleeps against you when you sleep. It is so hot that you can't stretch your legs. Sometimes he talks in sleep, you are so curious, what can this little boy dream about?

Your life has been completely changed because of it. You no longer sleep late because you are afraid that it will want to go to the toilet, and you want to go home first thing after get off work at night, because you know that it has been waiting for you all day and misses you to death. If you don’t want to travel, you can’t worry about it, no matter how expensive the foster care is, you are like a parent of a kindergarten child, afraid that your kid will be bullied outside. The best vacation in the world is to hold it, take it to smell the grass, chase small flying insects, and meet new puppies.

It is a child all its life, from the day it is loyal to you, it will always wait for you with solid eyes. It will not deceive you, and will not leave you like a child grows up and becomes independent. It looks at you with black eyes no matter what you say, no matter whether it understands or not. He has been as content as a child all his life, wagging his tail when there are small treats and new toys, and he doesn't hide it.

There is a tacit understanding between you and it. It can understand more and more of your vocabulary and tone, and even just by smelling you, it will know whether you are happy or not. You suddenly find that you seem to have a deep dependence on it. In this world, you worry about it the most, because it is a puppy, and it can't talk. You are afraid that without your care, it will be alone. Fear.

After being with the puppy for a long time, your heart seems to be opened by it, and you love it as much as it loves you without reservation. I often don't know how to explain it to people. To you, a puppy is not just a pet, but a family member who needs you to protect it all your life.

I want to give it the best things in the world, buy the best dog food, buy dog ball toys to make it happy, and even give it my bed to sleep in.

Fortunately, the puppy’s life is shorter than mine. It’s so hard to imagine that if I leave first, can its little brain figure it out? Can someone else take care of it like I do? Will it go wandering? Could it be confused and keep waiting for me to come back? Fortunately, it will not experience these. Therefore, I think puppies are little angels who have transmigrated into the world. They are small gifts that need to be cherished hard.