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Do dogs really protect their owners in times of danger?

Really will.
My one-and-a-half-year-old Alaska is called Yuanbao. Many people may think that Alaska will not protect the owner. I also thought so at first. After all, my silly dog is very friendly to everyone, and every stranger who comes to pet him is happy. Wagging his tail, he leaned forward to lick someone's face. Until I really feel that it will really protect me.
The first time I felt that Yuanbao clearly protected me was in January 2018. I went for a walk at 5:00 in the morning and met a golden retriever walking by itself in the community. This golden retriever is quite poor. I saw it a few times when I went out for a walk in the early morning. Every time, no owner took it with me. The owner rarely took it for a walk. He always opened the door early in the morning and let him come out to play. .
My baby was very excited when he saw the dog, so he ran up to play with the golden retriever. Because he had seen it before, the two dogs knew each other. I saw that there was no one around, so I let go of the dog leash. They were chasing and playing in the grass, so I took out my phone and started recording. Since it was still dark at 5 o'clock in the morning in winter, and the street lights were not very bright, I squatted halfway to find the light to record, and then the golden retriever was chased by my dog and ran directly into my arms. It was too big. I didn't stand still and sat down on the ground and the phone fell. Because it was too sudden, I screamed in fright. Then my dog turned his face directly, rushed over and flipped the golden retriever to the ground, biting the skin on the golden retriever's face and shaking it back and forth. I hurried over to pull my dog away, because it was wearing an explosion-proof vest, so I managed to control it with a little effort (otherwise I, a girl who is about 1.6 meters tall, can't pull it back with the strength of an adult Alaska), and it still Buyiburao yelled at the golden retriever and tried to break free from my control before going up to fight. Then the golden retriever was so frightened that he ran all the way home with his tail between his legs. In fact, it didn't do it on purpose. The golden retriever is usually very friendly. Afterwards, I tied up my dog and comforted the golden retriever for a long time (later, I reconciled with the golden retriever, but every time the golden retriever approached me and my sister, Alaska would get angry and would bark his teeth at the golden retriever, so I never I have never rubbed a little golden retriever in front of Yuan Bao. Besides, the two of them can still play happily together.)
Once we made an appointment with the owner of a pastoral dog to walk the dog. The place where we often walk the dog is the wetland park next to the canal. There are many hedgehogs in the grass at night. This time, the pastoral dog named Lao Hei caught one and tossed it back and forth with a hedgehog in its mouth. I wanted to take a picture of the hedgehog, but I might have gotten closer. Lao Hei Hushi subconsciously turned his head and shouted at me. I was so frightened that my dog ran over to block me and started to confront Lao Hei. Then I felt that something was going to happen, and I was about to pull the collar of my dog. Unexpectedly, the old black owner was quicker than me, and kicked the poor hedgehog into a ball. Hei immediately ran to find the hedgehog, but naturally the fight failed. (Walking the dog late at night, the park was not fully open and there were no other people, so the dog leash was untied. I was walking on the road with the pastoral dog owner, and the two dogs ran to the woods to play, so we picked up the hedgehog, and we did not find the hedgehog first Then deliberately let the dog bully it. Don’t worry, the little hedgehog has already been released.)
Then it happened last month. I found a part-time job in a movie theater because of the summer vacation. I couldn’t get up in the morning, so I was assigned a night shift. The time was from 5:00 pm to 12:00 pm. My sister walked the dog at night and passed by later. The place where I work picks me up. First, I don’t have to bother my parents to drive back and forth, and it only takes ten minutes. Second, my sister is leading my dog, and no one dares to come close even if it’s a girl.
One night when I got off work at about 12:30 in the evening, my sister was waiting for me downstairs in the theater. The two of us bought a biscuit with vegetables and sat on the side of the road thinking about going back after eating. The dog also lay down when he was tired from walking. at my feet. While I was eating, a man walked by at the intersection. I didn’t care at all, but the man stopped in front of me and my sister and didn’t go away. He stood about five meters in front of us. My sister felt something wrong and touched her elbow. Touch me to signal me to go. As soon as I cleaned up the garbage and got up to leave, the man walked forward a few steps and muttered something that I didn't hear clearly. We both panicked, wondering if we were drunk or out of our minds. Then my dog stood up abruptly and stared at the man. The tail that was curled up on its back began to flatten. Because the dog was standing on my left and my sister was sitting on my right, the man saw the dog standing up and subconsciously walked in the direction of my sister. As a result, my dog pissed off and rushed towards me. As my sister stood in front of me, I felt that the leash in my hand was suddenly stretched very tight. Then my dog started barking at the man, with a low growl in his throat, and the man was also startled (because the voice of a large dog is very low, it sounds very fierce and my dog still barks and growls ) So I hurried away, my dog was still staring at him, and when he walked to the corner of the intersection behind me, my dog was still walking around behind me and staring at him until he couldn't see him before letting go of his vigilance.
Anyone who has raised Alaskans knows that most Alaskans are really a very quiet dog. My dog is one of the best dumb dogs. I can count the number of times he barks on his own initiative since he was a child. I usually teach him to "bark" by teasing him with food before he speaks. I play other videos of howling dogs and wolves and it won't howl.

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