The Ukrainian side confirmed that "NATO's giant ammunition depot for Ukraine was destroyed by Russian forces", what will be the impact of this on the situation? - Cykapu

The Ukrainian side confirmed that "NATO's giant ammunition depot for Ukraine was destroyed by Russian forces", what will be the impact of this on the situation?

Russia got a taste of the sweet spot.

In fact, on May 9, the day of the Victory Day celebrations, Russian intelligence discovered four very hidden large temporary NATO ammunition depots in the western Ukrainian town of Lviv, near the Polish border, with a combined ammunition volume of no less than 200,000 tons.

After pinpointing the location, the Russian Air Force sent a Tu22M3 strategic bomber to launch four fab-1500 heavy aerial glide guided bombs, which carried out the attack hitting the target.

Four large NATO-aided ammunition depots in Ukraine exploded violently, each with a martyrdom time of no less than three hours.

This time Russia followed the example of the Russian army, which sent 21 Geranium-2 suicide drones to attack the ammunition depot in Khmelnitsky region; 17 of them were shot down, 4 evaded interception and attacked successfully before the explosion formed a mushroom cloud that rose into the sky and shot straight up.

According to eyewitnesses at the scene, there were 10 powerful explosions, trains passing through the area were stopped, the explosions also damaged many buildings, and the fire had been going on for more than half an hour.

This Khmelnitsky explosion was due to a martyrdom explosion, and some speculate that the total yield is about equal to 10/1 of the little boy that the United States dropped on Japan in 1945.

Already mentioned twice martyrdom, what is martyrdom?

Simply put is when the explosion of explosives, due to the role of the blast wave caused by the explosion of another explosive at a certain distance apart phenomenon.

Ukraine's ammunition depot was blown up three times, what will be the consequences?

Since the war between Russia and Ukraine, the face of the West's tumultuous operations, such as sanctions against Russia on the one hand; on the other hand, continued support for Ukraine. This is a big headache for Russia. Now Russia has found or discovered an effective means to hit back at NATO and Ukraine, and to hit the snake by hitting the ammunition depot of NATO aid to Ukraine.

How to fight when the ammunition is gone? The bottom of the barrel!

The counter-attack, which was expected by the West and Ukraine, has not been implemented, and basically relied on drone attacks to make up the numbers. With the bombing of Western-supported ammunition, Ukraine will have even less incentive and objective conditions to launch a counter-offensive.

Of course, it is not without benefits:

1, it provides Ukraine with an excuse to continue asking the West for support;

2, as early as last year, Western aid to Ukraine's arms and ammunition flowed into the black market in large quantities, which itself is a bad debt. Many Republicans in the U.S. House of Representatives demanded a thorough investigation. This is good, the evidence destroyed dead, or may sacrifice a few more investigators' lives.

Certain high-ranking officials in Ukraine, U.S. arms dealers, the Democratic Party, checkers .... A big sigh of relief ~