How about the jury's ruling that Trump had sexually abused and beaten the female writer, which Trump's lawyers say will be appealed? - Cykapu

How about the jury's ruling that Trump had sexually abused and beaten the female writer, which Trump's lawyers say will be appealed?

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I wonder if Trump, will recall that afternoon in 1993, his good friend Michael Jackson suddenly encountered from the father of a sick child accusations that he was a pedophile.

During that time mj was accused by a thousand people, even if there was a girl who had been in the dream manor public interview, said they would indeed sleep in a bed with mj, but never touching and molestation, but still did not help, the wave of public opinion intensified.

And he always firmly believed that his friend is not a pedophile, in order to enable him to live a clean life, Trump also specially arranged him to a building under his name, where he took a tight security armed to avoid media harassment.

Moreover, Trump also used his own children to present himself, showing that mj is a person who likes to play with children, often accompanying them to play video games together, kind-hearted and pure, definitely not a pedophile.

He never had any ill will towards mj, did not beat him backwards during his low period, and stood firmly by his side.

Lantrip once said, "No one knows Michael Jackson better than I do ...... I will fight for him to the end!"

Now perhaps another way of fulfilling his words, he may now really be the person who knows Michael Jackson best.

It's just a pity that he only has himself left.


About the origin of this somewhat peculiar friendship, the information that can be found is that Trump invited mj to cut the ribbon to endorse him that year.

But mj wanted to break the contract because a small fan of his died of illness.

Trump knew after asking mj what had happened, mj sadly told him he was going to attend the funeral of a small fan with cancer.

Trump directly canceled mj's ribbon cutting ceremony and sent mj away with his own private jet.

That's why they considered each other trustworthy friends.

After the mj child molestation case everyone was stepping on mj, basically everyone close to him was using mj rumors to make money for themselves, with endless layers of perjury and false confessions, as well as false memories and faked interviews pushing mj into layers of abyss.

Only Trump is a pure friend.



If you don't know about the mj child molestation case, you can read about it, the most famous false accusation case in the United States.

The child molestation case is considered to be one of the most mentally damaging negative news about Michael Jackson. Michael Jackson had two encounters during his lifetime, the first was in 1993 and the other was from 2003 to 2005, both of which caused an uproar at the time, and both child molestation cases had a great impact on Michael Jackson's career, mental world, and health. But in the end, Michael Jackson was found not guilty and the world went crazy for it.

In 2009, after Michael Jackson's death, Jody, the first time in '93, finally came forward to admit that his father had directed and falsely accused him, and publicly apologized, and the child molestation case was revealed. The FBI also made public its findings, confirming Jackson's innocence.

In 2013, Jackson was accused of child molestation when he submitted an indictment for "sexual assault" charges, the incident was brought up again, people accused him of falsification, and the case was dismissed several times to prove his innocence. 2019, the other side filmed a documentary to accuse him of child molestation, and some people also filmed a counter film to defend Jackson's name. In 2020 and 2021, a Los Angeles Superior Court judge dismissed all the "sexual assault" charges, and all the lawsuits were dismissed, and the case was finally cleared once again.