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Pop It is the best safe toy

"Pop It" is a board game, but it is different from traditional board games, which have a board and pieces. The entire game board of "Mouse Pioneer" can be regarded as a combination of "board + chess pieces", and each mouse is one. "piece".

After understanding this point, let's take a look at the rules of the game of Rodent Vanguard:

In a two-player game, each person takes turns to press the raised mice in a row. You can press one or more, but they must be connected. The last person who presses the mouse loses.

If necessary, you can press down all the mice in a row in one turn:

The last person to press the mouse loses!

Note: The mouse pressed in each round must be in the same row and connected, there can be no gaps~

But don't underestimate this simple rule. If you want to win, you must implement overall planning, proficient logical reasoning, perform verbal arithmetic and mental arithmetic, and use knowledge of odd and even numbers during the game.

Essential products for home travel

"Rodent Pioneer" not only has high playability and strong logic, but also has the advantages of lightness and ease of carrying, guaranteed material safety and quality, and versatile gameplay. It can be called a must-have product for home travel!

easy to carry

With just a game disc, you can go where you want to play, and don’t worry about losing parts or being difficult to clean up.

Parents of Cube Bear’s math thinking class often give feedback: It’s a big problem that children can’t go to class or play games without teaching aids or toys when returning to their hometown during the New Year!

But with "Rodent Pioneer", all these problems have been solved! Not easy to carry? It doesn't exist, the material is light and does not take up any space, take it and play as you go!

Let's imagine:

Go home for the New Year, a bus and train will come ✔

Spring Festival trip, a plane cruise here ✔

Visiting friends in the New Year, grandma and grandpa will have a plate ✔

Playable for everyone from 3 to 99 years old, it won't break or tear apart, it's portable and easy to store, just like a piece of paper, just hold it and leave!

It's super light and easy to play, it's rated as "Top Ten Excellent Travel Games" by Dr.Toy in the United States!

Even after playing a round, you don’t need to organize the game board at all, just flip it over and continue the next game!

Quality Nice

Parents need to choose carefully the toys for their children.

The pass is of poor quality, too many accessories and too fragmented, it is easy to eat the pass by mistake, and the pass is fragile and breakable.

Especially many parents complained: "You can't buy toys, what you buy is dismantled, what you buy is bad."

As a children’s puzzle game, "Rodent Pioneer" also takes this into consideration. The high-quality silicone material is safe and harmless, resistant to falling, abrasion, and squeezing. It can’t be eaten, torn, broken, or stepped on. Not bad, the quality is great!