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Cykapu's pop it is a amazing fidget toy

If education is the sacred and inviolable right of every child and youth, then it is their nature to love to play. Parents and families should fully meet their needs for play while paying attention to the education of their children. There are silicone educational toys on the market, which can solve the problems of children's education and amusement at the same time. The rodent-killing pioneer series of silicone model game boards launched by Cykapu are highly recommended. In addition, what silicone educational toys are there? Follow Bogao Silicone Products Factory to take a look!

In the recent period, the most popular silicone educational toy is the Cykapu rodent control pioneer series game disc, which has caused a lot of silicone product factories to follow the trend and rush to develop and design different shapes and structures. Its puzzle function is embodied in how to cleverly arrange to force the opponent to press the last mouse, which requires overall planning ability and strong mental arithmetic ability. Playing in middle-aged and elderly people can also play a certain role in preventing brain degeneration. It is really true. It is a silicone educational toy.

A variety of silicone rubber bands used for early childhood education and memorization of infants and young children are also very good silicone educational toys. This series of silicone rubber bands has many styles, such as 26 pinyin letters, 1 to 9 Arabic numerals, various animal shapes, fruit shapes, etc., which is beneficial to help infants and young children to establish the early mapping mechanism and recognition sensibility in language and mathematics learning. Achieve a certain effect of enlightening brain power. Building block silicone products such as silicone building block tape help children’s mental development of silicone educational toys, as shown in the picture, under the premise of cutting and disassembling, children can assemble and assemble the form they want at will, inspiring their imagination Power and logical thinking.