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Why is soccer called the world's number one sport?

A few days ago, ESPN announced Our Third Annual Ranking of the Biggest Names in SportsOur third annual ranking of the biggest names in sports, according to the ranking comprehensive search degree, advertising revenue, social media fan volume three dimensions, discharged the sports world's top 100 most influential athletes. Top three: Crow, James, Messi; top five: Crow, James, Messi, Neymar, Federer. Soccer players accounted for 33 of the top 100.

This list, taking into account the popularity, taking into account the economic market, I think, in the absence of a way to investigate what sports everyone on the planet really likes the most, such a list, should be able to become a strong reference.

So we come back to discuss then what are the other sports? Basketball. Yes, the NBA has done a really good job of market development. But, in fact, in the United States, basketball is not even afraid to say that they are the first, right. There's baseball, there's American football, there's hockey, and there's golf in terms of revenue. And other countries where basketball is well developed, Spain, Greece, Turkey, Italy, France, Argentina, even counting Canada, Australia, it seems that the first can not rank basketball. Others are tennis, and cricket, the most popular sport in England, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Australia, New Zealand, the Caribbean and South Africa seem to be counted only as a party of lords. As for F1, really most people like me can only be a spectator to see the action.
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Is there a World Cup for table tennis? Yes.
Is there a World Cup for volleyball? Yes. Is there a World Cup for basketball?
Yes. But I said, I'm going to watch the World Cup in June, and you know what I'm watching? So soccer, which is the number one sport in the world, just to say the World Cup of the World Cup, the real World Cup.

The United Nations has 193 member countries, while FIFA FIFA currently has 211 members. The influence of soccer is evident. So what makes soccer? From the inside, but also from the outside. On the outside, modern soccer was born in England in the 19th century, along with the conquest of the Japanese Empire in the world, soccer has also rapidly gone to the world; on the inside, is the world of soccer is like a miniature version of the world, how gorgeous the world is, how gorgeous the world of soccer. You will never see such a variety of participants outside the world of soccer, compared to the tall and long basketball, compared to the need for extreme explosive sprinting, in the sport of soccer, it seems that everyone can find the space of their dreams.

It does not matter if you are not tall, King Maradona is not tall; it does not matter if you are too thin, the world's third Neymar is also very thin; it does not matter if you are not fast, look at the world's top midfielders who are not fast; everyone seems to be able to find their own position, and this is the greatest tolerance of soccer for participants. Of course, soccer is also extremely tolerant of the field. Tennis? Well, you have to have a tennis court at least; basketball? You have to set up a basket. But what about soccer? You can have a ball, or even if you do not have a ball, the Brazilian slums have produced many superstars who can not afford to buy a soccer ball and kick the cans to grow up. As for the rules, the rules of soccer are also very inclusive. Tennis? Who should serve, why the serve did not pass the net can still serve, how much to play to be considered a win, Nani what is called a steal seven. Basketball? Uh, what does it mean to walk, why is another foul, why is another violation, why is this one a block that one is a bump. Although it seems to have been very simple, but in fact their rules are not so simple. What about soccer? Soccer has a very simple logic, just score a goal. The only complicated rule is offside, but it doesn't matter, it doesn't seem to be that big of a hindrance. Because almost no need to tell the audience the rules, the audience will know, the ball kicked in the line. It's simple enough and inclusive enough. So she can easily attract participants, and of course she can easily attract more things, such as economic, cultural and political things of all kinds, so she became a kind of art with rich connotations, so she became a war between countries without smoke and mirrors in times of peace.
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How to win such a war? To win a soccer game, you need good players, good tactics, and good mental state. Anyone can be a good player. If you want to run actively, you can learn as if there are three lungs of Park Ji-sung, you can also learn from the World Cup qualifiers to run 16 kilometers of Bae, or overtime can also be inserted to assist Marcelo, running is not active, of course, there is also dashing brother Berbatov this example, strong body is good at confrontation, you can learn the beast Drogba, the body is thin, you can learn from Ram Neymar Modric, the tall growth of the short growth, the fast runner runner. The taller the shorter, the faster the slower the runner, the better the technology, the poorer the technology, always find their own position. As for the tactics, the long pass, short pass penetration, defensive counter-attack, high press, all kinds of play in modern soccer has been developed to blossom.

In fact, the above is not what I want to say, I just want to say why I like soccer. Because I see a bigger world and a more colorful life from soccer. In the world of soccer, some people are God's reward, such as Xiao Luo, you never know what he will do next, so I understand that some people, really talented, his lower limit, may be your lifetime can not reach the upper limit. So you should complain? Life is supposed to be such an unfair thing, everyone is born different, which is supposed to be the most unfair and yet the fairest thing. Because none of this can stop, you towards your dream. This is what Sanchez, who is turning on his heels in the street, is thinking, so is Ribery, the mason, so is the gardener's son, Little Lo. Kuyt, who is not good at stopping the ball and not good at passing it, certainly thinks so too. Kuyt, who played from striker to wing-back, may not be so talented, but hardworking and dedicated, is also a legend. Similarly, there is Klose, a person in the World Cup and Ronaldo the alien contrast, he does not have the talent of aliens, just quietly persist, a World Cup, another World Cup, perhaps I have always felt that Klose is far from Ronaldo star bright, but in the World Cup, the largest star in the soccer world, he is the brightest of the stars, low-key humble, shining.

Some people say you have to be famous before it's too late, but where is Bojan Januzaj now; some people say it's too late, but Van Der Sar tells you that there is no such thing as too late. If you think everything has been in a desperate situation, don't worry, think about Solskjaer, think about Barca at 3-1, think about Roma who were 1-4 down in the first round, think about Liverpool who were 0-3 down at half time, you have to believe that sometimes, until the end, the end is really undecided. You say there are only champions in competitive sports, but Totti, the king of wolves, tells you that I want champions, and only I and my Roma will win the title. So you can also see Giggs refused England, you can also see Puyol Sanetti Martini, so you can also see human nature, see faith. Of course you can also see the ordinary majority, those like me ordinary majority, their names are not known, but also just dedicated to play, and suddenly one day, the ordinary majority, there will be the next Vardy. So will you really stick with it? Gerrard persisted all his life and found out that he was one step away from the league championship, which is a step away from his own slip. Or you can also ask Leverkusen's Ballack, and of course, ask Holland's former Peter Pan Robben. So you will lament fate, you are thinking about Zidane if not top that head will be what, you are thinking about Beckham World Cup not retaliatory kick that will be what, you are even thinking about Messi to join the Spanish national team and what will happen, so you understand that life is like a play, but there is never a chance to do it again.

So of course we have to look forward, everything is not over, everything is about to start, some people are participating in their first World Cup, some people are participating in the last, the so-called reincarnation, but so, before and after, live and let live. What do you say is soccer, and what do you say soccer is?