Why are fidget toys in everyone’s hands?

If you have kids or TikTok, you will know Pop It!

The toy is an endless bubble wrap in a molded tray. After ejecting one side, flip and eject the other side. This is a summer toy, a new fingertip spinning top, a slap bracelet, and a Rubik's Cube. They are simple but powerful. Some experts say that sensory toys help calm and concentrate.

Dunedin’s Mickey Howard (Mickey Howard) learned about it when her 17- and 11-year-old grandsons visited from St. Louis. One is the autism spectrum, and the other is post-traumatic stress disorder, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, anxiety and sensory problems.

At the Florida Aquarium, her granddaughter was attracted by the display of bubble toys. The girl thinks they can be soothing, like rubbing her two-way sequin pillows. The girl took her new green turtle, Pope everywhere, in the car, to eat, and even to bed.

Enter Douyin. Toy manufacturers are beginning to reach out to influential people. Capone said on the podcast that, with the help of pandemic boredom and viral videos, "we are starting to see all hell collapse." "This is really a nuclear reaction."

If you dare, go to TikTok now and search for #popit. This video exists in the best place for entertainment and comfort, mixing a bit of ASMR-this is an autonomous sensory meridian response. If you have six hours of free time, this is another detour from the Internet. People insert marbles into the holes and create patterns. Recently, they have been making candy bars in the turf.

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