Who has the best fighting skills if the Disney Princesses fight?

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T3 ordinary people level: Snow, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Belle, Tiana, Ariel, Jasmine, Boca Conti, Le Pei, each have their own unique skills, but in the final analysis are not related to combat skills, do not rely on help, it is difficult to squeeze into the ranks of T2!

T2 warrior level: Mulan, Merida, these two can be described as professionally trained female warriors, Mulan marching and fighting in the battlefield, the real battlefield life and death, the tip of the knife licked blood, Merida, archery first-class, can be described as a masterpiece, Mulan galloped to the battlefield, Merida is the wilderness, the two fighting quality is the top level of the T1 psychic level: Moana, the end of the physical system, the spell system on the field, as a real Chosen by the gods, in her land, Moanna is the will of the gods, the sea and land are with her, weakness is a but the will of the gods left, will instantly drop back to T3

Huge Fault

T0 god level:Aisha, Disney a sister, super big hanging than, the only one in the major bar forums and Japanese manga and American manga superheroes than the fighting strength of the princess, the second element of the strongest ice system one of the strongest contenders. Ice 2 directly sealed God, under the seat of the wind, fire, water and earth four big elves at will, basically no one within the atmosphere can rule her.

Think this is the end? The next is the strongest king version of the son of God on the person:Anna, the spirit of nature