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What is the principle of the floating pen?

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The principle of the floating pen is that the density is less than that of water. If an item with a density greater than water floats on the water surface, it should be due to surface tension, and it will sink after a little touch. magic pen Markers are oily, oil is insoluble in water, and is denser than water, so it floats. Marker pen, also known as marker pen, is a kind of drawing color pen for writing or painting. It is mostly used for one-time quick drawing. It is often used in design objects, advertising slogans, poster drawing or other art creations.

Introduction to floating pen
The ink in the oil-based pen is a chemically synthesized substance, which will definitely have a certain impact on the body, but this impact should be within the controllable range, and will not affect the normal growth and development of children, and will not affect the liver and kidneys. If the function is affected, even if the ink is eaten in the stomach, it is not a big problem. After all, the amount is relatively small. It is enough to give the child more water to promote excretion.
The ink used in oil-based pens is oily, insoluble in water, not easy to fade and dissolve. Oil-based pens can write on absorbing and non-absorbing surfaces, and are not easy to be wiped off. When writing on white paper, there are obvious back marks on the back. , which is often used when marking is required. The ink used in the water-based pen is pure water-based, and the paper is highly absorbent.