What is it that people live their lives for?

Spiritual Independence

More than 60% of the people until old age and death, can not touch the threshold of spiritual independence.

When you are spiritually independent, you can be the sun in life, any survival environment you can live a wonderful life, you are very difficult to be defined by others, almost not affected by others.

Some people say the poor have no spiritual independence, I say bullshit.

To add.

In my eyes the average person version of spiritual independence some outward signs.

One is knowing and having the ability to pity your parents and having gained a high level of trust from them.

The second is having if you have a family, a stable family, a trusting spouse, and established enough tacit understanding between spouses. As long as you are at home, there will be no violent conflict in the home.

Third, have their own spiritual life, even if the family and career are very busy, but also retained a certain amount of non-interest spiritual friends.

Fourth, know that the exchange of benefits is the basic starting point for maintaining relationships, good at the exchange of benefits, have the financial ability to spend on basic consumption in the city where they live will not care about the price. With people to get along with know when they receive, when to send.

Fifth, basically not by the network hotspot to take the emotions away, the cognition of things reasonable and not extreme.

Always remember to live in the moment.

1, suddenly understand, people in this life, the most important two things, one is to get the cause, the second is to find the right lover, when the sun rises, into the cause, when the sun sets, embrace the lover, this is probably the meaning of our efforts! When kindness meets kindness, it is the most beautiful encounter in the world, when kindness meets gentleness, it is a perfect match on earth.

2, interpersonal communication high level skills: enthusiasm, generosity, a question. Try to restrain yourself from rebuttal, learn to praise and shut up. As long as there is no conflict of interest, other people speak, generally do not need to refute.

3, the time divided into sleep, divided into books, divided into sports, divided into flowers, birds and trees, divided into mountains, lakes and seas, divided into your love of the world, rather than wasting themselves on boring people and things, when you start to do the master of the time, you will feel the power of calmness gushing out of the ordinary life, as for the anxiety and restlessness, naturally dissipate.

4, since ancient times, life is the most taboo full, half poor, half rich, half self-security. Half deaf, half dumb, half confused, half wise, half stupid, half sage. Half-people, half-me, half-self, half-awake, half-drunk, half-immortal. Half family, half love, half bittersweet, half secular, half Zen, half fickle. Half of life lies in me, the other half listen to nature.

5, shielding power is a person's top ability, any consumption of your people and things, more than one look is your wrong. People who live a transparent life, no special relationship to maintain, there is no special want, approaching people do not resist, leaving people do not stay, even if they suffer a loss is also too lazy to count.

6, the poor like to dream, always want to small and big, always think they are smart. If the world's cheap to even the poor class to take advantage of, then it can not be a real "cheap". All valuable things in the world follow the principle of value exchange, this is common sense. All free things, ultimately have to pay back with a huge price.

Learn not to take advantage of, do not want free things is to respect and protect their own personality.

A real relationship between a man and a woman talks about money as well as sex. Women are not too reserved, men are not too stingy, this is the adult relationship. Money can not measure feelings, but can be filtered.

8, "A brief companionship in the end is a gift or punishment?"

"You are not greedy, it is a gift, if you still expect, it is punishment."

9、Wealth is a compensation for cognition, not a reward for diligence.

10, the so-called enjoyment, are defined by capital, I think reading is very enjoyable. The so-called success, is also the definition of capitalism, I think to do a happy and healthy ordinary people, is the real success.


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