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The Complete Guide to the Best Fidget Advent Calendars

What is a Fidget Advent Calendar and How Does it Work?

A Fidget Advent Calendar is a small, inexpensive way to help children who struggle with anxiety, ADHD, autism and other sensory issues.

The Advent calendar has 24 puzzles that range from soft to hard. Everyday you open a section of the puzzle and place it behind the puzzle that was opened on the previous day so that the order remains intact. Children can start at any point in this chain and they will be rewarded by their ability to complete the whole chain of 24 puzzles by Christmas.

With these types of toys, kids don't have to worry about forgetting their daily dose because it comes everyday until Christmas which helps them build mental stamina so they are better equipped for real life!

A fidget advent calendar is a set of small toys that can be opened one at a time. On their packaging, they are described as "perfect for killing time while you're waiting in line", and they're meant to distract people from their stressors and anxieties.

The advent calendar includes a range of small items, like little puzzles and games that last anywhere between 15-25 minutes each. The goal is to get through the calendar in 24 days to celebrate Christmas, or alternatively, progress can be tracked on an app with the option of taking the individual items at any point.

As an alternative for those who need something small enough to carry around, there are fidget toys that can be used during work or school when it's not appropriate to do so with other items that require more movement or sound.

In this article, we will briefly discuss what a fidget advent calendar is, how it is different from other types of calendars, and the benefits that it provides.

What Is A Fidget Advent Calendar?

A fidget advent calendar is a unique way to countdown to Christmas. They are made up of small boxes and each little box has a different type of fidget toy. At night you open one compartment or box and replace it with another one that you open in the morning. You can buy these types of calendars at many stores around town or online!

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