Serbia's president ordered the country's military and police to be on the highest level of combat readiness, what is the current situation? What information is of interest? - Cykapu

Serbia's president ordered the country's military and police to be on the highest level of combat readiness, what is the current situation? What information is of interest?

Kosovo, the fuse for this European powder keg, has been lit and is just one order away from exploding.

On December 25, the five Western powers - the United States, Britain, France, Germany and Italy - have issued an ultimatum to Serbian President Vucic, demanding that Serbs in northern Kosovo end their confrontation with the local government and ordering Serbia to remove roadblocks in northern Kosovo. Otherwise, the Western powers will allow Kosovo's ethnic Albanian "prime minister" Kurti to attack the local Serbs.

How could Vucic not be humiliated? All Serbian armed forces were ordered to be on the highest level of readiness on the night of Dec. 26 and to start preparing for the use of force.

Now, all it took was one order from someone, whether it was the West or Serbia, and a major war would break out in Europe!

I. The origin of the matter

Kosovo is one of the birthplaces of the Serbian nation. However, during the Ottoman Empire, many Serbs could not stand the Ottoman Empire's slavery and fled to the north and the west. Albanians who believed in Islam moved to Kosovo and filled the void in Kosovo. After several developments and changes, 92% of Kosovo's current resident population of 1.9 million is Albanian, with only 6% Serb.

After the Kosovo War ended in June 1999, Kosovo was placed under UN trusteeship, and in February 2008, the predominantly Albanian Kosovo unilaterally declared its "independence", which was recognized by the United States and some Western countries, but Serbia has always maintained its sovereignty over Kosovo. Of course, more than 150 countries in the world, including China, do not recognize its independence.

As a result, ethnic conflicts and sovereignty struggles inevitably emerged.

Serbia and Albania do not recognize each other and fight fiercely in various areas where their sovereignty can be manifested, such as car license plates. Both sides do not recognize the legitimacy of their license plates, but the license plates previously issued by the Serbian government in Kosovo were allowed to pass normally.

It was not until August of this year that Kosovo announced that it would ban cars with Serbian license plates from its territory. After the announcement, nearly 10,000 Serbian car owners were affected, which prompted demonstrations and protests. And when Serbs refused to change their Kosovo license plates, Kosovo authorities increased inspections and penalties. As emotions and problems built up, the incident eventually escalated directly into a struggle between Kosovo and Serbia, and between Albanians and Serbs.

In November, Serb mayors, judges and some 600 police officers in northern Kosovo resigned in protest of the Kosovo government's policy of requiring local use of Kosovo license plates in place of Serbian plates. Since December 10, local Serbs have erected roadblocks to prevent access by Kosovo government police, while protesting the arrest of a former Kosovo Serb police officer. Since then the conflict has escalated and contradictions have become apparent.

In order to protect the interests of Serbs and the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the country, on December 15 the Serbian government submitted a request to NATO's Kosovo Peace Implementation Force to send 1,000 additional police, military and customs personnel to Kosovo (UN Resolution 1244 of 1999 allows Serbian troops to enter Kosovo, but only with the approval of NATO forces). As of Dec. 17, NATO forces in Kosovo have not approved, but they say: the proposal is being evaluated! No surprises, this proposal will not be passed, because the US blocked it on December 14!

On the one hand, they want to enter Kosovo to defend national rights and national sovereignty, and on the other hand, they not only reject their request, but also demand that they remove the roadblocks and allow the enemy to enter freely for inspection. Would you say that this is not instigating, arching fire, stirring up shit and bullying?

Second, the nature of things

Some people think that nowadays, the conflict between Russia and Ukraine has reached a white-hot point, but the burning situation also predestined the West, and then want to let Russia "hurt" through Ukraine, almost impossible. Therefore, NATO wants to use military means to intervene in Kosovo, there is a large part of the possibility that they want to "surround the plug to save Ukraine".

To be honest, this view is debatable, I prefer the United States through the Russian-Ukrainian conflict to taste the sweet, while the dividends of the Russian-Ukrainian conflict did not completely solve the structural problems of the United States - the lack of capital and industry, so it is again ready to ignite the Balkans, detonate Europe, when the United States can harvest a large number of quality assets from Europe.

As it is!

Third, the development of things forward

Simply put, the probability of a fight is not small. Previously Vucic has said that Serbia has been forced into a corner. Serbia as a nation is still very bloodthirsty, yielding to the ultimatum of the West, not only betrayed the Kosovo Serbs, but moreover de facto abandoned Kosovo, seriously damaging the dignity of the country. On social media, some videos and pictures claim that Serbia has deployed a large number of troops along the Kosovo front and that heavy equipment such as tanks and artillery are being transported to the front in a steady stream ......

And the West, not without bullying Serbia, beat Serbia until it had to submit back then! So, in the face of small countries, they are bold enough to use force! Isn't this the case in Afghanistan and Iraq?

If, indeed, as analyzed above, the United States in order to harvest European quality assets to solve their own structural contradictions, it is too big, too big motive to use force, do not forget that the United States is to plunder to make a fortune.

And European politicians, absolutely will cooperate with the United States. Because they are either spiritual Americans, or pinched by the United States what privacy. Trump, for example, said he knew about Macron's bedlam. You see the Nord Stream pipeline was bombed, how many European politicians say anything? It is not broken teeth and blood swallowed.

So, if Kosovo is fought, the whole Europe is not far from the end, the United States and harvest a wave.