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Pop Daily Calendar Puzzle

The 3-in-1 Pop Calendar Puzzle is like nothing you've ever seen before, and it's a great novelty creation. Our educational sensory toys for kids come together in 3 creations of the popular fidget toy, tetris toy and calendar puzzle with multiple ways to play. The classic game becomes a fidget toy that perfectly combines modern gameplay with the classics. The popular board game is simple, yet engaging, and forces you to be creative and think ahead in your puzzles. Tetris toys: Our classic Tetris game is evolved on the basis of the classic Tetris (started).

This is also a new version of the classic Tetris game, we call it Tetris+, including different types of balls and colors. This toy combines the game of Tetris with 3 ideas. When you choose a game, you'll discover new levels of fun, challenges and endless opportunities. If you play well, you'll see many different ideas and techniques. It improves your skills in math, science and art. Calendar Puzzle: We have designed a simple but fun calendar puzzle game with this toy, which is a unique new idea. We provide you with many different forms to display the specified date in a day, such as Lunar Day, Christmas, Father's Day, Anniversary, etc... We can also add some creative ideas such as different colors and shapes and patterns to meet your needs. .....

This popular calendar puzzle fidget toy features 10 different types of board toys for kids, including classic board games, traditional Tetris, and 3D board games. Each game has a different challenge format and difficulty level. These unique and fun educational sensory toys promote children's understanding and learning of math, science, art and more. It makes a great interactive activity or educational toy!

This calendar puzzle fidget toy comes with 25 bubble puzzle pieces, 1 instruction booklet and 1 puzzle card. Place 25 puzzle pieces into the puzzle frame to reveal the assigned date (year, month, day, and week). Leave the date you want and play the popular jigsaw puzzle kids board game on birthdays, Christmas, Valentine's Day, Father's Day, monthly, anniversaries. Every day is possible, over 1000 ways to display the date you want.

Children's favorite educational puzzle game for kids. Children can recognize more colors and shapes. Educational sensory toys can exercise their mathematical thinking, reasoning strategies, mental arithmetic, logical thinking, fine motor skills and stimulate imagination. Cultivate children's awareness of global optimization through geometric patterns of different colors. Their brains will get smarter and smarter. In the process of playing educational games, children will discover more knowledge and skills.

Popular puzzles and Tetris, 3D board games come together to offer up to 1000 unique ways to display the date. These toys, which come in various types and themes, are among the favorite toys for kids to play with. This can help them develop creative thinking and make them smarter.

This popular jigsaw puzzle board game is not only a great educational toy for kids, but also great for adults and kids. It makes it easy and fun to explore the world, see how things are connected, and learn new things.

This popular construction toy comes in more than 10 colors that are bright, vibrant and eye-catching!

HOW TO PLAY: This popular jigsaw puzzle board game uses Tetris or the classic game of Tetris to spell out all the puzzle pieces!
When you press the bubble toys, they will go "pop, pop"! That's the date you're going to see on your calendar!
FUN AND CUTE BLOCKS: Pop puzzles make fun for kids and family.
FOOD GRADE SAFE MATERIAL: This popular bubble puzzle board game for kids is made of high-quality silicone material, which is non-toxic, safe and healthy. Pop jigsaw fidget toys are washable and durable for long hours of repeated pressing. When you're bored and fidgety at home, just press the puzzle calendar bubbles and they will make a slight "pop, pop". Very much enjoyed and unpacked.

Beautiful Jigsaw Puzzle Educational Toys: Known for its beautiful design, this popular jigsaw puzzle board game features many different types of jigsaw puzzle educational toys. It comes in a cute little puzzle box filled with all sorts of fun puzzle pieces. Take the worry and stress away by placing these puzzle pieces into a puzzle frame to reveal a specific date (year, month, day, and week).

Rich and diverse themes: We have provided more than 1000 interesting and special themed toys for children: each month has a unique and rich theme. Each month is vibrant and colorful to improve children's concentration and help them learn! Each month will have some special and interesting ideas and challenges. It appeals to adults! If you don't want your kids to play puzzle board games, we also have a selection of popular jigsaw puzzle board games! It can help children learn knowledge: This popular jigsaw puzzle board toy can improve children's understanding and learning of mathematics, science, art and other fields.

Pop Tetris Puzzles for Kids is a great sensory fidget toy for anyone with anxiety or stress, autism, kids, adults and the elderly can play. You can replay the puzzle calendar as a new toy. After playing other puzzles, you will get bored. But our popular Fidget Calendar Toy Game will keep you hooked. Can you find all 1000+ solutions? Compete with your friends and family! It's great, but if you're playing for the first time, you'll find it difficult. But once you get the hang of the solution, it's a lot of fun. When you complete a challenge, just press the puzzle calendar! It's like playing a game of Tetris on a blank sheet of paper. It's a unique toy, and it's also a unique toy for you. It will bring you joy when you are trying to solve a problem!