Our Kickstarter Projecct - Heating Ice Cream Scoop

Our Kickstarter Projecct - Heating Ice Cream Scoop

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One night, I was feeling very parched and pulled a carton of ice cream out of the freezer. It may have been sitting in the freezer for a bit too long, I struggled to scoop out a large piece of vanilla flavoured ice cream and couldn't wait to put it all in my mouth. Instead of enjoyment, I was greeted with a painfully frozen whole row of teeth. I reluctantly gave up on the box of ice cream whose outer packaging was covered in ice.

The texture of the ice cream is crucial, and if it stays at 0 degrees, I don't think it will cause major irritation to my teeth. I could enjoy my ice cream much better if I had a spoon to heat it up.

This spoon has to have a heating block, no need for a switch, just hold the spoon in your hand and it will heat up automatically.

The maximum temperature of the battery heating must not be hot to the mouth. The best part is that if the heated spoon comes into contact with the ice cream, it will instantly turn to 0 degrees.

And it has to be safe, the material of the spoon must be food-grade, afe and easy to use for adults and children.

Eat Ice Cream Like Cream

Three seconds to heat up - Instant warming heated ice cream scoop uses advanced rapid heating technology that also warms the scoop from cold room temperature to the right temperature in just three seconds. This way, when you use it to scoop ice cream, you can easily dig through the hard ice and scoop out perfect ice cream balls.

Save time and effort - for a humorous and fun experience. As you watch the ice cream "melt" on the spoon, you can hear it say, "Oops, how did I get 'melted' by you?" This sense of humor makes eating ice cream even more fun! And, because the spoon is at the right temperature, the ice cream is as smooth as cream on the spoon, which makes it taste even better and is simply a pleasure to eat!

We Need Your Support

Heated Ice Cream Scoop was born - Our goal is to bring more comfort and convenience to everyone's lifestyle, so our team carefully crafted this scoop, combining traditional craftsmanship and modern technology, aiming to bring you an ice cream experience like never before.
With its innovative heated design, it helps you scoop ice cream easily without worrying about hardened ice cream or bent scoops. It makes it easy for you to enjoy soft-tasting ice cream at home or anywhere. Come and experience the convenience and joy of a electrical heating ice cream scoop!