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How to play magic floating pen?

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"Wow! Really floating, really floating, it seems this is really amazing!" What happened? My mom and I are playing with the floating pen that just arrived.
The appearance of the floating pen is no different from the ordinary watercolor pen. Just the effect is amazing! As long as you use it to draw a picture on the spoon, and then gently immerse it in the water, the pattern on the spoon will float in the water. I begged my mother to buy me a box from the Internet.

Today, as soon as the courier arrived home, I couldn't wait to unpack it and play with great interest. My mother also came over curiously. I took out a spoon, carefully drew a jellyfish on the spoon, and gently put it into the water, waiting for the jellyfish to float. One second, two seconds, three seconds... After half a minute, the jellyfish on the spoon didn't move, just floated a paw and brushed it on the water...

My mother and I were not discouraged, we put some more water in the bowl and started the experiment again. I drew a small fish on the spoon again, this time we gently put the small fish into the water from the edge, a magical thing happened, slowly slowly, the body of the small fish gradually separated from the spoon and was on the water surface Swim up! I started painting again and drew many lovely sea creatures: lovely seals, swarms of jellyfish, fierce little crabs, clumsy turtles, beautiful butterflyfish... A magical ocean appeared in the water In the world, all kinds of marine animals swim in it, which is full of vitality.

Grandma also came over curiously, and I immediately walked over and said, "Grandma, let us have the funniest painting!" Grandma smiled and joined our team. My favorite is the savory burger. I picked up the pen and started to draw, and soon a hamburger that looked delicious appeared on the water.
Not to be outdone, my grandmother drew a blooming lotus flower on the spoon and immersed it in the water gently. The lotus flower instantly bloomed on the water, and it felt very elegant and beautiful. My grandmother and I waved our brushes and drew as much as we liked. In a short while, peach blossoms, charming plums, beautiful butterflies, and red Chinese knots appeared on the water again... I had an idea, and "Happy New Year" and a cute little tiger appeared on the water.

The amazing floating pen brings me endless joy!

Because the density of pen and ink is less than that of water, and a special substance called "peeling agent" is added, the ink is easily separated from the writing surface when it encounters water after drying, and floats on the water.
The floating pen can also give play to children's wild imagination, integrate happiness into painting, and cultivate children's ability to observe, analyze, think and innovate. Integrate joy into painting and let children make unique works.
When painting, the coloring must be fully covered without leaving any gaps, and then put it into water after the ink is dry;

Take out the dried ceramic spoon and use a floating pen to draw on the ceramic spoon;

After painting, wait for a few seconds, wait for the ink to dry, and then slowly touch the water surface;

Slowly put the spoon into the water and wait to witness the miracle, or shake the spoon slightly to make the picture float;

Dry the spoon with a paper towel and you can move on to drawing one. Finally, after using the floating pen, remember to wipe the ceramic spoon clean.

Another play way:

Cut a small piece of drawing paper over the water and see what happens;

Pick it up and stick it on the back of your hand, and a small sticker is ready!