How much could I achieve in boxing and combat sports if I had Wolverine's self-healing abilities?

Useless, only self-healing ability, other data are ordinary people level, can only be a net celebrity.

Standing can knock you out, mma can choke you out, and Olympic Taekwondo, you get zero points for no effective hits.

Wolverine's ability to heal himself is incredible, but with this plug-in and no other effort, it's just like Esby. Playing a game with shield and no output is stupid.

Give people unlimited walking dogs, can not touch others, advance is wrong, retreat is not right, waste yourself, and then look at other people all kinds of disorderly show incredible operation.

The human brain has a strong function: to reflect and summarize, to take history as a mirror, to guess the future from the past, and to see the essence through phenomena. Infinite healing of the undead, must use this to match. Otherwise really is a silly big, others can't make you, you can't take others.

1 v N: A sea of people crowded with miscellaneous soldiers, you can not cause the opponent to reduce the deadly threat, the opponent will not produce any fear. In the end, you can be captured alive just like anyone else.

1 v 1: You have no effective output and no fatal output, and your opponent is completely relaxed and punching like a punching bag.

Offense is the best defense. If you're not good at offense, you're not good enough. Is there anything to show for the shield? The ethereal handling, the aesthetic of violence, is what most players admire.

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