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How can I improve my learning efficiency and ability?

It's not that we don't know how to learn, we just don't use the right method!

Let's take a look at a common misconception about learning.

The longer the study time ≠ the more you learn

When we go to the library to study, we spend 5 hours in the library, at least 3 hours are spent playing with our cell phones!

When we look up at others, at least 5 out of 10 people are playing with their phones or sleeping.

What's worse is that we subconsciously think that if I spend 5 hours in the library, I've studied for 5 hours! But the results don't lie, you just didn't learn anything!

This kind of ineffective learning will slowly make us hate learning and create a kind of "I have worked so hard, how come I still can't learn?" This kind of ineffective learning will make us hate learning and create a negative feeling of "I've tried so hard, but I still can't learn?

Therefore, efficient learning is especially important!

Since I was a child, I have been told by my teachers and classmates that learning should be efficient! I understand the reasoning, but I never knew how to do it! So we mistakenly believe that efficient learning is impossible for us in our lifetime!

In fact, if you want to study efficiently, you need to do three things - time management, self-management and energy management!

I. Time management
Let's take a look at two kinds of people in life.

A: "ah, I forgot to do this today!"

"Holy shit, when did this happen, how come I don't remember?"

"Hurry up, help me, this paper is due today!"

This type of people, on everything is not prepared, lectures, meetings are always in a hurry to run, go out is also the wind, catching the bus, squeezing the subway ......

B: "It's okay, I'm done."

Class B people live every day tightly organized, calm when things happen, because people have been well prepared.

The essential difference between these two types of people lies in time management. class A people always think that everything is in time, the result is always too late. class B people can have a more accurate control of time, have the ability to budget time.

1、Budget time

The ability to budget time plays a very important role in learning.

I estimate that I will finish the paper in one hour, so I will do the paper from 8:00-9:00. and finish other tasks after 9:00.

But the annoying thing is that I was wrong. It took me 1.5 hours to finish the paper, and that's when the rest of the plan was disrupted.

The plan is messed up, the mood is affected, which in turn affects the study state, and finally the task is not completed ......

How to estimate the time more accurately?

The only way: find experience!

Study time requires us to budget our time according to our ability and situation. Through several budgets you will be able to know generally how long it takes to complete the task.

2、Serial + parallel

As the saying goes, "One mind cannot be used for two purposes", and in a sense, this is true. In fact, we may have no less than two things to do at any given time.

In order to be efficient, it is also necessary to create a "multitasking operating system" for our brain.

The most straightforward way is to try to parallelize two tasks.

For example, listening to TED while running, listening to music while writing an article, reading a book while waiting for the shuttle bus, etc. But the choice between parallel and serial is a matter of choice.

But choosing between parallel or serial requires a judgment call on the premise of what is mechanical and what is flexible.

Get into a habit - write down what you want to do with paper and pen, put the tasks down on paper, and you can more easily tell which tasks are simple and mechanical and which are relatively complex and flexible, and then, try to pair a non-mechanical task with a mechanical task to complete.

For example, I often listen to some online classes while I eat. But never write while eating. On the one hand, it is impossible to allocate two hands, and on the other hand, writing requires thinking.

Make full use of parallelism, you can do a lot more every day, improving efficiency and enriching the daily.

3、Categorize the plan

Everyone knows that the plan is important, but most people are always overly ambitious. Your plan is not at all feasible, always want to eat a bite into a fat, but the result in the learning path to starve themselves to death.

There is no need to make a plan for something that is routine and the task is too simple.

For example, when I was in high school, I listed my meal times inside the plan, specifically 12:00-12:20 for lunch and 18:00-18:20 for dinner. But it turned out that my family didn't cook according to my time and call me for dinner. Then the plan is disrupted and the later tasks will not be completed on time.

We recommend that you use the four quadrant rule to divide the things to be done into urgent and important, urgent and unimportant, important and unimportant according to the arrangement of urgent, unurgent, important and unurgent and unimportant.

Then you will know which priority to complete, which can first slow down.

Second, self-management
Self-management in learning includes "attention management" and "emotion management".

1、Attention management

1) Exclude the interference of fragmented messages

We are always disturbed by some sound messages in our study, and we receive a WeChat message, webpage push article, gossip news, etc. in a few minutes or even a few seconds.

The only way is to mute the phone and put it far away.

But now we study mostly with cell phones, then turn off the message notifications of other applications of the phone to reduce interference.

2), excluding the interference of small things in life

Spend a minute or two before studying to clean up the desktop, leaving only things related to study.

Especially the mirror, head comb and snacks!

Perhaps you yourself have not noticed, if the desk has put a mirror, you will often pick up the mirror to see their face where another acne, where and look good, this angle and pretty good, and then rush to pick up the phone selfie, a blink of an eye is an hour or two.

Once a girl plays with selfies, it's really terrible, time is no longer time.

So, spend a few minutes to clean up the learning environment, will greatly improve the efficiency of your learning.

2, emotional management

In fact, emotions are the most influential learning!

Emotions affect the state, the state affects the efficiency of learning.

If you have just quarreled with your family, and then a stomach full of anger to study, believe me, you can not learn, and even the more you learn, the more angry.

You were angry with your family, and now you're angry with yourself because you can't study. But in the end you will blame all your anger on your family because you think the origin is in your family.

Third, energy management
In fact, energy management is not as difficult as we think, and does not require much self-control or willpower. This set of "RDS" energy management method starts from daily life, enough to ensure that you have plenty of energy every day!

Usually, we usually sit and study, and sit for hours at a time. This static state is very easy to get sleepy and distracted, so the most basic thing is to maintain adequate sleep.

Sleep at night can not be guaranteed, everything else is free!

No matter how tough a person is, only at night to get enough sleep to rest, the daytime energy can be enough.

Generally speaking, you need eight hours of sleep every day to eliminate the fatigue of the day, too much too little is not appropriate, and it is best to go to sleep before eleven o'clock at night to ensure that they have enough sleep.

Do not sleep too late, so as not to have no spirit the next day. At the same time, the time of sleep should also be controlled, sleep too long easy to make people dizzy, too short will make people all weak.

Ps: 8 hours of sleep at night is only for the average person, there are people who sleep 6 hours a day is still full of energy.

2, D-diet - a healthy diet
Do not underestimate the diet, there are a lot of common sense you do not know this side.

1), improper diet leads to brain power loss.

Many people eat full at noon is easy to sleepy, if not nap will be 2-4 pm, it is difficult to complete the work of focus.

Also eat too much, a large amount of blood to the digestive tract, but also the brain blood supply will drop and feel tired.

Therefore, to maintain a high level of concentration, reduce the proportion of carbohydrates, and eat more vegetables. Especially at noon, keep 7 minutes full.

2), weight loss dieting makes you continuously distracted

Not eating for a long time, the body is in a state of hunger, which can cause hypoglycemia, because blood sugar is the main source of calories for the brain, when you lack blood sugar, it is not easy to focus, and naturally distracted.

Both brain power, but also a healthy way is to eat less and more meals, between meals to supplement some snacks, such as nuts, fruit, vegetable salad.

3), the following foods, the more you eat, the more anxiety.

Greasy food tends to make people drowsy.

Ice cream, fried chicken, French fries, pizza, burgers, custard cakes, etc., will make people drowsy after 1 hour of eating. If you eat with caffeinated cola and milk tea, you will be exhausted after 2-3 hours, and will also affect the quality of sleep at night.

Potato chips, canned food, instant noodles, sausages, ham, hot dogs, marinades, pickled products, tomato sauce, soy sauce and other foods high in salt all tend to make the body's circulation worse, causing slow metabolism and mental fatigue.

Sweetened fruit juices, shortbread, delicate cakes and sugary drinks and other sweet and fatty foods can play a calming role in a few minutes, but will soon be absorbed by the gastrointestinal tract causing a sharp rise and fall in blood sugar, affecting emotional stability.

Coffee, cola, tea and other caffeinated beverages can make the spirit become happy and can relieve tension, but once the excess, the secretion of adrenal glands will increase, but will make people easily irritable and restless.