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Do dogs care about their owners?


One night I had a fight with my parents, so I hid in my little room and didn't go out for dinner.
My parents didn't care about dogs at first, and I basically took care of the house, so I didn't eat, and neither did the dogs.
At night, my parents went back to the room, and the dog ran back to my room to sleep as usual. I picked it up and felt much lighter than usual. I touched its belly and found it was flat.
At that moment, I was so angry that I was so distressed!
Because my dog is also sensible, and he will not take what is not given to him when he is hungry.
I went to the refrigerator to find food for the dog, but there were only two steamed buns that were frozen hard. In order to defend my dignity, I gave one to the dog, but I didn't eat it myself.
It first devoured the steamed buns, gnawed half of it and realized that I hadn't eaten, so it gave me the remaining half.

This is the look it looks at me when it's gobbling

I resolutely let go of my dignity and ordered a takeaway to eat with it.


My dog would wake me up according to my schedule. When I was in class, I got up at 8:00 in the morning, and it started to grumble at about 7:00. During the summer vacation, I woke up at noon, and it was very panicked at the beginning, and licked me desperately Nose, licked all the air I breathe, I stopped licking when I got up, and then came to call me after 12 o'clock every day, I think it might be afraid of me, sleeping for so long and not getting up, still motionless of
Generally speaking, don’t dogs have a stress response? Every time I beat it hard, it will turn around viciously, and find that it is my hand that turned back silently...silently...every time I beat it it She didn't cry, just shed tears secretly... After a while, she would come to me and act like a baby by herself, which made me feel full of guilt.
But it won't work if you don't beat

When it comes to crying, I actually don't understand it very well, but my dog seems to be able to cry. The first time I just brought it home and wanted to take it out for a walk at night, it thought I was going to throw it away and hid in my arms and secretly shed tears.

Then I went to class, from eight in the morning to eight in the evening, and when I came back, I was busy with things and didn't care about it. It lay at my feet and wept silently

I think the happiest thing is that even if I come out of the toilet, it will trot over happily, and then turn its head around and rub me



And it seems to know that I am reluctant to beat it, and often hides and seeks with me in the trash can. You can tell if you care about the master just by looking at those little eyes