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After losing weight successfully, why do I feel "face collapsed"?

Facial fat is a "treasure" Facial depression caused by being too thin will bring a feeling of aging itself.
Facial fat provides support and filling for the skin structure. When facial fat cannot provide sufficient support and filling, the skin will sag, wrinkle and sag.
Many girls tried their best to lose weight when they were young, but when they got older, they felt that their faces were dry, and they went to spend money on facial fillers. If you accidentally become "greedy", you may also fill in the balloon feeling.

In addition, some friends, especially some celebrities, are often fat and thin, which will make the skin loose, not only prone to wrinkles, but also prone to facial sagging, nasolabial folds, double chins, etc.

Fat provides not only support, but also nutrition!
Adipose tissue can secrete a variety of growth factors, which can promote the regeneration of skin collagen and the formation of elastic fibers, and maintain the elasticity and vitality of the skin. Rapid loss will cause the lack of these nutrients, and our skin will look dry and rough.
Of course, in addition to fat, short-term excessive aerobic exercise and dieting to lose weight will also cause rapid loss of water, protein and some micronutrients in our body, which will also affect our state.
To know that we want to look young, the transparency and luster of the skin is very important!
During the weight loss process, because of our accelerated metabolism and increased oxygen consumption, a large number of free radicals will be produced. Oxidative stress is now and is recognized as an important factor in how we age.
If you exercise too much, the free radicals produced may exceed our body's processing capacity, and it will also damage the structure of collagen and accelerate its loss. Our face loses its support and naturally becomes loose.


If it is outdoor sports, another point that is easily overlooked is photoaging.
Sun protection must be done, but it is difficult for us to do it completely. Moreover, if you sweat during exercise, and then wipe the sweat on your clothes and towels a few times, there may not be much sun protection left.
Think about it, the loss of fat, the attack of free radicals, the destruction of collagen, the spots from the sun... everything points to one thing: aging is accelerating! !
But does exercise really make you old?
of course not! The worst thing we can do with aging is never be out of breath.


An article published in 2020 pointed out: a two-way promotion between obesity and cellular aging. Obesity will deplete the length of cell telomeres, forcing cells to enter a state of aging, and these cells will in turn cause further metabolic problems, triggering obesity, and a vicious circle step by step.
Therefore, some researchers believe that "obesity is a kind of aging" .
The same goes for free radicals. As we age, our body's ability to scavenge free radicals becomes less able. At this time, it will trigger a butterfly effect on our health, including a large amount of chronic inflammation, fat and tissue oxidation, and accelerate the aging of the body.
And moderate exercise can make us have more efficient and high-quality mitochondria, reduce the leakage of free radicals, activate autophagy in cells, and accelerate the removal of damaged or aging cell components in cells... Anyway, from the lowest cell level Go up and delay our aging.
This is also why we insist on exercising, we often feel that we are more energetic, and our emotions and mentality are more positive.
Let’s take a look at the positive teaching materials again, and give everyone a shock:
Miranda Kerr in 2011

Her in 2022

Take eating and exercising seriously as a living habit. Don’t pay attention to it. Do short-term strenuous exercise or even diet in order to lose weight. Not only your body may not be able to bear it, but your face and skin may also be unable to bear it.