2022 Qatar World Cup group stage match Germany lost 1:2 against Japan, how do you evaluate the match? - Cykapu

2022 Qatar World Cup group stage match Germany lost 1:2 against Japan, how do you evaluate the match?

In the first half, Japan wants to create chances must rely on German mistakes → Germany has mistakes on the premise that you have to press high → However, Japan does not play high pressing, dead game. The purpose of giving up the high position is to keep the low position → Germany is good at pulling out the width to move the defense → Except for Itakura Hwang, the Hyakusan defense can't keep up, which makes it even more insurmountable.

Penalty kick deficit is just a microcosm, and the scene is simply being pounded. The possession rate was twenty-eight, and Japan basically had no attack or shooting, and Raum played directly as a winger, and Kyodoan had a half season of shooting.

At halftime, Japanese fans doubled up on the hot topic of Moriho, and I was wondering what to do if the counterattack. I felt like I needed to adjust Kubo Kenei's attack on that side of the field, or I needed to replace Tanaka Bi with a player who could attack forward in that position.

Then I guessed the begnining, then did replace Kenei Kubo. But I never would have guessed the result, but it was Kenyo Tomiyasu who was replaced.

What I couldn't have guessed was that after Japan replaced a striker with a defender, 4231 became 343, but step by step they started to resume high pressing, turning a beaten game into an explosive game. It was even more unexpected that Shuichi Quan, who has been scolded by Japanese fans for years, suddenly possessed by Neuer and had a duel with the real body on the opposite side.

The best part was at the end. The three players who played on the wingback, the king of the three goals, attacked, and after Takumi Minamino crossed the ball, Ryu Doan added a shot to the goal. Takuma Asano, who has been criticized for only charging forward, was taught by Rüdiger every time, but seized the opportunity to score a comeback goal against Schlotterbeke, who is relatively hard at the back of Germany.

This second half proved once again that if you want to play against each other, Japan's strength can really fight with most strong teams.

This time it was the German fans who questioned Flick: How come it was a strikerless formation again, or did they have no choice but to use Phil Kruger, a big center forward, wasting such a big advantage in front of them?

As for the Japanese fans ...... they originally thought that Mori Paul I was 0-1, and later thought that it was 1-1, and finally realized that it was really a ball to win.

Tonight past, there is a new tactical master in the World Cup , and he creat a new football flow, called: play dead flow.