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Hogwarts Brooch, Gryffindor Slytherin Ravenclaw Hufflepuff College Badge Cute Cartoon

Hogwarts Brooch, Gryffindor Slytherin Ravenclaw Hufflepuff College Badge Cute Cartoon

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Gryffindor The young lion likes Gryffindor not only because the more you grow up the more you find that bravery and loyalty are the rarest of qualities, but also a faith that has been buried in your heart since childhood

Slytherin emmm I do not like the quality of the snake yard, probably because the Hogwarts war Slytherin no one left it. But the snake yard must also have a place of attraction (excluding the actor's face.) And I think Slytherin is not cowardly, but revered the strength, the clear-cut. Smart, or shrewd, sometimes is not an advantage.

Hedgepodge Of course some people say that the Badger House mediocre or even incompetent, Hagrid is a representative, and I am not lack of people around me think so. In fact, I think we should all be Hedgepuppy ah. (God ignore this sentence) After all, there are not so many outstanding people in the world.

Ravenclaw Often people say that when they were young they thought that beauty and kindness were the pursuit of everyone, and only when they grew up did they realize that those things could actually be put aside, and that Hetch Hetchy was the best college. Although I quite like the Badger Academy, but still to say a little. The original said Hedge Parky mediocre and incompetent, you all kinds of justification that is the most comfortable way of life. The original said that Slytherin is more dark, you all kinds of arguments that is the embodiment of intelligence and the status quo of life. Gryffindor in the original because of the main character aura nothing black point, but there are still lion yard black said Gryffindor is brainless reckless, you (forget this is not a defense, I also think so) said that is brave, how rare quality.

What about Ravenclaw? Oh, the original said that the Lady Rowena crown engraved on the words, said wisdom is more important, you guys think wisdom is more important ah, according to the set up is not to find some other reasons? Even the eaglets in the Ravenclaw bar also feel that the Eagle Academy is a symbol of wisdom and beauty before they come to the name.

Putting aside the big hat of intelligence (leaving aside the fact that there is a difference between intelligence and wisdom) Ravenclaw still has other things that appeal to me. It seems to be a coincidence that I like the high places and the cool breeze, and it just so happens that the Astronomy Tower fits the bill. I like the wisdom and majesty of the eagle, and it just so happens that the logo fits. I like blue most of all, and it just so happens that the Eagle Academy fits. But more than that, maybe it's because my personality is so much like Luna's.

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