What are the life experiences that the earlier you know the better?

Don't just blame the sky and others for self-pity

To have a young body and ample energy must be used on the right way

Fresh vitality is your greatest wealth and capital

I've seen and heard of irrelevant people or things

Don't always worry about what the outside world thinks of yourself

Their vision is determined by your own strength


1. Life is only 900 months. While you are young, you might as well pursue the best-the best life, the best career, the best love, and the best friendship. But whether you can get the best depends on many factors, and you cannot succeed by hard work alone. Therefore, if you try your best, you won't get the best, but second-best. You have to accept it frankly. Life needs to compromise, not willing to compromise, and having trouble with oneself is actually a kind of foolishness.

2. Don't let things that can be obtained by hard work be lost because of slack. You need to know that the most painful thing in the world is not failure, but you can. If you can’t even grasp what you can get through hard work, what else can you grasp? You don’t need to expect life to go smoothly, but I hope you can be its opponent when you encounter difficulties in life. 

3. Our whole life is to get rid of the expectations of others and find our true self. Don't always please others, don't let yourself get lost in the expectations of others. Always ask yourself, do you want to do this? Like it?

4. Be cautious when choosing a platform, especially when looking for a job. Abilities and talents can determine the upper limit you can reach, but the platform you are on determines the lower limit of your starting point. In many cases, the huge gap between the platform and the platform is enough to erase your talent and all the efforts in between.

5. Greater efficiency comes from doing well in important things, not doing well everywhere. Management energy is more important than time management. Grasping your core strengths and doing important things well is enough. One specialization, multiple skills and zero defects are the best workplace skills.

6. I have always reminded myself of one thing over the years, don't move myself. The seeming effort of most people is nothing but stupidity. What about staying up late to read a book until dawn, sleeping only a few hours for a few days, and how long it’s been no vacation? If these things are worth boasting, then anyone on the Foxconn assembly line has worked harder than you. It is inevitable that people are born with self-pity, and only by staying awake at all times can they see the true value.

7. If you learn more of the same skill, you should say less asking for help. It is very simple, but very true.

8. Anything, as long as you accept it, it will not be painful. If you do not accept it, you will always suffer. Learning to accept the fact that cannot be changed is the first lesson for adults.

9. Life is very realistic. If you want to get it, you must pay, and if you want to pay, you must learn to persevere. If you really find it difficult, then you give up. However, don't complain if you give up. I think life is like this. The world is really fair. Everyone decides what kind of person they become through their own efforts.

10. Luck is the opportunity that just hits your efforts, but you have to work hard first, otherwise the opportunity comes and you can only stare.

11. Do you know when is the hardest? When transitioning from school to society, when the person you like leaves you, when no one around you believes in you, when a person is sad and needs the company of relatives and friends but is not around, when you see that your family and friends are in difficulties and you are powerless, When you have to lie to the most important person, when you are tired. Probably when you get through these things, you will become another person.

12. The most important thing in life is to be clear about what you want and take it seriously.

13. Learn to concentrate, eat and eat, and sleep. It's time to read books, take a bath. Talk about things when chatting, and accompany friends when you are with friends. Everything gets its place, concentrate on doing everything at this moment.

14. At any time, one should not be a slave to one's own emotions, and should not make all actions subject to one's own emotions, but should control emotions in turn. No matter how bad the situation is, you should try to control your environment and save yourself from the darkness.

15. Learn to stay lonely in the crowd to a certain extent, don't tell others immediately if you have any ideas. In addition, don't be too serious about what you say to others. Don't have too much expectation of others, whether morally or ideologically. You should develop a cold and indifferent attitude toward the opinions of others, because this is one of the most practical means of cultivating commendable tolerance. ——Schopenhauer

16. When you want to do something, don't hesitate. You don't have to go on the road if you have a companion, but you have to go on the road before there is a companion on the road.

17. Please do not doubt the value of reading. Reading cannot make you rich overnight, but it can make you a person with warmth and self-cultivation.