What are some good-looking suspenseful movies with high IQ?

The so-called high IQ suspense film can be divided into two parts to analyze:
Suspense movie
A suspense film is a suspense film, with a complete story as the core, setting suspense as a means to stimulate the audience's high anxiety and tension, and achieve the endless purpose of the film not ending, doubt and incomprehension.

It is worth noting that there are no restrictions on the method of setting suspense, that is to say, there are various types. Of course, thinking about the type of suspense is also quite suspenseful.
High IQ
I honestly believe that at this point, there is no clear boundary. In other words, high IQ is a false proposition. Affected by age, experience, etc., the same movie gives different people different perceptions. Perhaps your deficiency in one aspect will make you marvel at this aspect of things. For example, in my opinion, if a certain film makes me feel very surprised by a certain scene or plot or other aspects at a certain moment, it is a high IQ movie.

Based on the above analysis, I think the topic itself is very subjective. Therefore, the following videos I recommend are all highly subjective. I would like to use them as a reference. I hope you don’t care too much.

It should be noted that most of Hitchcock's works are classics and are definitely worthy of recommendation. Everyone can check it out. I won't add it here.

Wait, there is one thing we must pay attention to: the best time to watch this kind of film is in the dead of night at night, it is best to be dark all around. In this way, there will be a strong sense of substitution.

"The Prosecution Witness" (1957/9.5)
"Unusual classic suspense film"

"The Silent Lamb" (1991/8.7)
Adapted from Thomas Harris novel of the same name

The details under focus are hidden in every frame. Unconscious shadows loomed behind the constantly switching shots, exuding insights into life.

"Seven Deadly Sins" (1995/8.7)
"The logic of murder that can't escape"

Some people are judged in the gloomy city, indifferently acting as a dance partner, and enjoying themselves everywhere. (Ps. Gluttony, greed, laziness, jealousy, pride, lust, and anger are the seven deadly sins of human nature referred to in Catholic teachings).

"The Very Suspect" (1995/8.6)
Between true and false, on the meaning of high IQ

Sometimes, we habitually ignore some seemingly weak people or very subtle things that we fail to notice until we miss the truth.

"Monster Night Panic" (1997/8.1)

The interlacing and impermanence of memories often makes people lose their way. Either pursuing dreams, or venting dissatisfaction, perhaps hoping for relief, or wanting salvation. Disgusted people say this chaos is unreasonable, and there is a mystery in the humanitarian chaos that you like.

"Open Your Eyes" (1997/8.2)

If the facts are not the facts you think, can you penetrate the falsehood? Desire and fear interspersed with each other, making people unable to break the current situation. Maybe next, you just need to open your eyes and everything will be back to the original.

"The House of No Ma" (1997/8.7)
Life is like a play, life in the play

Illusion and reality are intertwined, and some people are close to being lost. Learn to listen to the inner voice, it will let light fall.

"Follow" (1998/9.0)
Looking back, someone is following

In the old black and white tones, the chess pieces are looming. Turning loneliness as a cornerstone, selfishness as a condiment, stepping on a normal trajectory, ups and downs of memory add to the flames, until it falls into a trap reasonably.

"The Sixth Sense" (1999/8.8)
"I really like a movie, I highly recommend it"

Whether or not to foresee a word comes true is like sleeping alone in every cold night. You see, the shadows are lurking, and the barriers linger in the subtleties. Someone whispers in the ear, no trust, how to send the redemption you want.

"Fight Club" (1999/9.0)

Anxiety is boiling and mood changes. There is another face of you that you don't know.

"Shards of Memory" (2000/8.5)

You have lost your memory, you are deceiving yourself. The long-searched truth is far away, and the clues are turned into fragments scattered on both sides, and the true and false fragments block the original appearance. Is this something that will be forgotten in the end really worth doing? "Believe in yourself, close your eyes, the world still exists." Hey ;-) What you do still has meaning.

"The Others" (Cry on the Island) (2001/8.0)
This is my house.

The unknowing truth never sees the light all year round. Suspicions and secrets are entangled, and I don't know the whole body is an illusion.

"Death Illusion" (2001/7.4)
Life is nothing more than an illusion

Seemingly familiar, but never seen before. Unbearable after the absurd, he can't help but feel relieved and relieved after knowing the truth.

"Mulholland Road" (2001/8.4)
"Analysis of Freudian Dreams"

Another nightmare awakened a person. Or in other words, scared a person. The latent desires of love and hatred unconsciously occur in the subconscious, and strong disguise and distortion are formed accordingly. After careful consideration, what is obscure may not only be the intermingling and blending of dreams and reality, but also the inducement of entanglement behind it. Hey, look at it carefully, what comes out after the clue is the fact.

"Dead Road" (2003/7.1)
It's not here for you.

It's like entering a maze by mistake, always taking the repeated path. Listening to the whispers of the wind, there are secrets being revealed, and the trial comes with the wind, letting the frank and liberating one by one, and letting the resentful find peace.

"Fatal ID" (2003/8.6)
"It was done in one go but unexpectedly"

A torrential rain confuses all beings. The reflection on the glass window reflects the behavior of strangers; the endless thunder and lightning in the night, after the series of serial murders, who is the murderer? Sora was shocked by the plot; the only way was that it was extraordinary.

"Ambush on Eight Sides" (2004/7.6)
"The reversal effect should not be underestimated"

The original normal exercises messed up the sky, and the companions who accompany them changed their faces, and their strengths or weaknesses turned into farewell leads. At the point in time, people were swaying. How to escape life hanging by a thread? Hey, look at this film*^_^*

"The Machinist" (2004/7.5)

Escaping leads to loss, and guilt brings illusion. In the gloomy and dilapidated picture, the wreckage of the thin and dry figure only stems from the inescapable shame in the cowardly heart.

"Chain Saw" (2004/8.6)
"Absolutely classic, but slightly bloody"

Unconventional crisis, how to escape from doom? Fear grows, fragile people become panic, accumulate to a certain extent, despair swallows reason. After the bloody, suspense arose.

"Butterfly Effect" (2004/8.7)
Move the whole body

You have to choose, you have no choice. Why not return to zero? It's best not to meet, it's best not to know each other; you can't fall in love, you can't fall in love.

"Life and Death" (2005/7.5)
If this is a dream, the whole world is inside it

Expecting something to happen, reality shook his head. Through the unforgettable mood, stay in the old scenery. Some thoughts are shaking, some fetters are dissipating.

"Master Key" (2005/7.8)
"Every door has a lock, but there is always a key to open all the doors."

To be a good person, you must control your curiosity. If you are caught in a circle, please jump out in time. Once hesitates, he will eventually fall into a trap that has already been set.

"Silent Hill" (2006/7.5)
After persecution and revenge, people will meet in hell (note: more bloody scenes)

Some people put on the cloak of religion to "judge" and bully. Some people use their daughter's "God" to achieve their goals based on hatred. As a result, the innocent people have no way out and are taken into the play.

"The Insider" (2006/7.7)
Pirates are also right

No one is truly omnipotent. Anyone who has this idea is not an extreme fan of rights or a synonym for villains. A lifetime is very long and will experience many things. Those in the past will follow the context of time to catch up, give peace to the good people for a lifetime, and let the evil ones eat their own evil consequences.

"Red Pepper" (2006/8.8)

Nothing is insincere, and everything is counterproductive. Standing on the opposite side of reality, trying to meet the needs of the self; trapped in the inescapable will, build a brand new self. Under the flood of colors, ½ leave and ½ stay.

"Fatal Magic" (2006/8.8)
"From the perspective of production and screenwriting, it can be called a classic"

Trapped in an accident, they compete with each other until they die. Whose talent is hidden in a corner without light; the unspeakable secret dances in front of every effort, not free and easy. You think that everything is over, you think you have witnessed cause and effect, but after all, it is wrong.

"The Detective" (2007/8.3)
If everyone in this world has ghosts, but you don’t, that’s your problem

Between ideal and reality, where should we go? Weakness deliberately concealed, personality abandoned on the initiative... Whether you admit it or not, the problem remains there until the gloomy and infiltrating flower blooms and swallows yourself and others.

"Devotion of Suspect X" (2008/8.3)
"The purest love, the best trick"

There was a breeze blowing, and bored and bored walked away. So, determined to chase the breeze, decided to protect the beauty that did not belong to him. When the separation and collapse of reason becomes a lonely watch, who will inherit the thought without impurities?

"The Ultimate Interview" (2009/7.0)
The least possible is the most probable

Cooperation in the face of interests is a bubble in the sun that bursts at the touch of a touch. And selfishness, like air, haunts every survivor. The only difference is that the latter is exposed under the stars, while the former is lurking in people's hearts.

"Law Abiding Citizen" (2009/8.0)
"The plot is compact and makes people want to stop."

One side is the execution of the death penalty, and the other side is a cheerful performance. On the one hand, there is a face of despair, on the other, justice is eternal. What are the things between luck and misfortune? Sometimes, in addition to the system, there is also the human heart. Give up trading with sinners. After all, Liangchen likes to deal with those who think they are outstanding.

"Terror Cruise" (2009/8.3)
"Crashing, Desperate Reincarnation"

How to save everything that has been lost? All the unwillingness to happen at the right time, just like an unstoppable nightmare, haunts my mind at every moment of trance. The nostalgia that remained in the palm of the hand turned into a lingering obsession and met the inevitable reincarnation head-on. "You will come back?" "Yes, I will." What kind of deep nostalgia and perseverance, guarding the last line of defense, in order to block the collapsed self from the door? I hope that the efforts made can change the rules, but the past, like a bow and arrow shot, can't look back. You can only tell yourself that you need to cherish what you currently have.

"The Confinement Island" (2010/8.6)

A long time ago, Zhang Ailing said that everyone has an island in their heart. Is it controlled by the surrounding environment, or is it true to the heart? Be quiet and look back at the past, or the present. Do you want to explore the true appearance of the "isolated island" on the one hand, avoid everything and refuse to face the "unknown self" on the one hand?
——"You can never wake up a person who pretends to be asleep."
——This is really good.

"The Night The Comet Came" (2013/8.3)

Not a drill, life is off track. Every choice is like finding an opportunity for happiness. You may never notice, but everything is still going on.

"Prisoner" (2013/7.9)
"The plot is intertwined, and the ending is just right"

You said that it is a terrible thing to have no faith. I said that I am most afraid of the fact that the bible will be broken at a certain time. This life is like a game of cards. People who have a beast, naturally, there will be no shortage of underdogs. When faith is imposed on you but still criticized, will you embark on a road to hell? Leap, "Prisoner".

"The Lost Lovers" (2014/8.7)
"Atypical David Fincher's works"

If marriage is the tomb of love, then the most painful thing is that you are still alive, but there is no secret road in the tomb. (Fortunately, this is not the case in reality)

"Predestination" (former destination) (2015/7.6)
I created me, I destroyed me

The destiny card has been laid out, and cause and effect has long been a footnote. Actions that seem to be for change, as everyone knows, are included as one of the links in order to complete the original full cycle.

"Detective Sherlock" (2016) Douban score: 6.9
Nothing made me, I made me.

The feast of the times is fascinating. Most people who don't have the prior knowledge but are just for the fame of Holmes, it is recommended not to watch it, lest the gap is too big, it is extremely regrettable. (Smiling face

For some movies of the same genre, due to the difference in the order of watching, the first one will have a preconceived notion, and the later one may lose the original excitement. As a result, what is better evaluated by other people may have to drop a grade in your opinion. vice versa.

Looking back at the entire film history, there are so many films of all kinds, and even one person can't finish one or two of them even in a poor life. Therefore, it is impossible for humans to completely sort it out.