Is there a sentence that will marvel at "Wow, so gentle" when you read it?

1. Love can last for a long time.

2. We work hard, see you at the highest point.

3. The first time I saw the universe, it was when I met your eyes.

4. It's not meaningless to go both ways.

5. "If you are willing, I will always exist."

6. You are the only hero dream in my tired life.

7. "I will always be loyal to myself, running towards my ideal and you with the stars and the moon."

8. "This century is crazy, corrupt, corrupt, and inhuman; but you have been sober, gentle, and spotless."

9. There are cracks in everything, that is where the light comes in.

10. Now you are still my light. ——"Lemon"

11. May you start small and end with greatness. ——"So far away"

12. "The earth is getting away from the moon a little bit. It is said that every one million years will be unfamiliar for one second. As early as 2.5 billion years ago, we started a long parting."

13. Be sure to stand shining in the world you love.

14. The vastness of the mountains and the sea, the romance of the universe, are all tumbling in my heart, pushing me forward.

15. Don't panic, the moon is also lost somewhere in the sea.

16. You were also a romantic citizen of the Milky Way. You fell into the earth alone, unable to wait for letters from the stars.

17. There is only one moon on the earth. It has no life. The scars from being hit by an asteroid are full of scars, but it symbolizes romance.

18. There is always a gust of wind that will blow me and then you, and there will always be a moment when the distance between us is zero.

19. Be gentle with yourself. You are just a child of the universe, no different from plants and stars. ——Max Elman "What We Need" ​​​

20. Start toward the moon, even if you can't reach it, you can stand among the stars.

21. I want to go farther, to see the soft mountains and clear waters, talk about dreams, talk about life, and exchange the names of lovers during the journey. The world is vast, and you can wander everywhere. If you agree, I most want to shake off a starlight and sleep in your heart forever.

22. Walk into the morning mist and fall into the evening clouds.

23. In summer, there are plum-flavored sunset clouds and two or three beer-flavored stars.

24. I look at everything like you, I look at the moon, like you, and the stars, like you. Those white, clear, gentle and cold light, they all remind me of you.

25. I try not to miss you when I am helpless or sad, so as not to appear that my memory is not sincere enough.

26. There is always someone willing to climb to the moon for you.

27. Everyone has his own piece of forest, maybe you have never been to it, but it is there, it will always be there, the lost people are lost, and the people who meet will meet again.

28. Appear like a gift in someone's life.

29. Spring does not cross the day, and the night is a dream star.

30. You know, you are the love I can't beat.

31. Everything in the past is a prologue.

32. If you visit me

I'm not here

Please sit with the flower outside my door for a while

They are warm

I watched them for many, many days

33. I hope I can have enough luck and enough courage to see more different winds in my destiny. I also look forward to being able to be carved into different mountains and rivers by these surging air currents in the days to come.

34. To live in two ways, luminous and non-luminous. When it is not emitting light, it is preparing for it.

35. "As soon as I find your constellation, I will fly towards you"-EXO "Universe"

36. I have never felt lonely. To be more romantic, I am completely free.

37. In the days of waiting, study hard, be humble, and cultivate deep roots so that you can flourish in the future. ——Master Hsing Yun

38. I long for you, want to have more contact with you, and exchange fragrance and soul with you. Sometimes I feel that you should meet someone better than me, but when I like you, I feel that I am also worthy of liking.

39. If you want, I can climb over the mountains. If you want, I can hold the clay pot all my life.

40. There is a line in "Once Upon a Time in America" ​​that says: "When I am tired of the world, I will think of you. Thinking that you live and exist somewhere in the world, I am willing to endure everything. Your existence it's very important to me."

41. Walk alone through the recklessness, and only when you walk with you will you have light.

42. In the days of waiting, study hard, be humble, and cultivate deep roots so that you can flourish in the future.

43. Envy of the sky of others is simply unreasonable, because you are a universe ​​​.

44. They wanted to bury me, but they didn't know that I was a seed.

45. Give you the love of the whole universe from the immortal to the eternal calamity.

46. ​​Put a planet on your brow and wait for you to speak before the universe grows.

47. You are the only heroic dream in my tired life.

48. "あなたと一緒に楽しい星に逃げたいです"

"I want to escape to a happy planet with you" ​​​.

49. Ask the spring breeze if you are undecided. ——Sword Come

50. No one can pull you into the darkness who strives to shine.

51. Everyone's cracks will eventually become the pattern of the story.

52. You don't even want to change other people's thoughts. Learn to be like the sun, just emitting light and heat.

53. I started thinking about many things since you.

54. In the year of the end, although there are many different roads, those who love will eventually return by different paths. China is very small, and those who have the heart will be able to meet again.

​​​55. The stars are bright tonight, but I know you are not looking up. Think about it carefully, this is really the loss of the stars.

56. The Buddha does not want you to take refuge, the Buddha wants you to be happy.

57. The cold winter you are experiencing now seems to be silent, but in fact the dark tide is surging. All growth and jointing are carried out in silence, you only need to work hard to grow, and time will take you where you want to go most.

58. Without a heart, you will get hurt by pursuing your dreams. When you truly desire something, the entire universe will come to help. ——Paul Goeiro, "The Shepherd Boy's Fantasy Journey"

59. Living in the heart of a living person means not dying. -Campbell

60. Setbacks will come and pass, tears will shed, and they will be put away. There is nothing to discourage me, because I have a long life.

61. "Every bit of life is gentle and lovely, all worthy of me moving forward."

62. You are steadily loved, and you should have the courage to do anything.

63. His blushing was not because of the subtropical climate, but because the sun was unfaithful that day, betraying his heartbeat in the late summer of 1994. "

64. Everyone should have a superhero in his heart.

65. Laugh, dream, and be different. Life is a great adventure.

66. I am a person with heavy snow in the dark.

67. Love children, especially childish adults.

68. "Attach your ears to the cat's body, and you will hear the rumbling sound of the sea at the end of summer. In the cat's soft body, it rises, sinks, rises, and sinks in sync with the breath. The newly born earth."

68. You don't have to be born brave and talented. As long as you can devote yourself to diligence, sincere and sincere.

69. Become an adult who can illuminate the world.

70. The first time I moved, it was from my mother's belly. Later, we went to see a lot of the outside world together.

71. I hope that different routes will lead to the same goal, and I can tell you the path of the time.

72. Although hard work, I still choose that kind of hot life.

73. In a person's life, we must always find a balanced relationship. Loyal people will always get loyalty; brave people will end with bravery in the end.

74. Don't be sleek, but become stars, with edges and corners, and shining.

75. The wind comes from far away, so it doesn't hurt to go.

76. In the bones of humility, rivers also flow.

77. I must admit that most of my life belongs to loneliness, and striving to grow is the best game that can be played in loneliness.

78. If life is as nightmarish as a dream, people who have nightmares will be more awake than those who have ordinary dreams.

79. If you are not particularly lucky, please work hard.

80. Even if my surroundings are all worn and faded one day, there will still be your star, and the romance and clean flashing in my heart.