If you want to enrich yourself, what 10 movies are there to recommend?

Ten movies, each of which can let you know how young you should be!

The first "Daydreamer" was the first to be promoted for a lifetime.

Recommended reason: let you find things to do at leisure every day, away from the state of otaku. Know how valuable you are when you are young.

The second is "The Wave".
Recommended reason: elementary schools, junior high schools, and high schools in most conuntry. It's all in this state. Deep in the heart's fear.

The third is "Burst Drummer".
Recommended reason: I have always felt that success is reserved for those who do everything possible to succeed. There are thousands of ways to succeed. Being willing to give innocently is the shortcut. The e-sports player who won the international award does not have a cocoon on his wrist? In the comments, he said that he changed a person at last. He didn't change that person, okay? Everyone has his own ambitions, so why do you think they are a failure? For the protagonist himself, he has succeeded.

The fourth is "Nightcrawler".

Recommended reason: to see the passionate people who can watch this movie. You should know how beautiful this society is. This is a society where wolves cannibalize people. You should be a bit wolfish.

The fifth is "Weaknesses."
Recommended reason: find what you love and knock down all obstacles! I hope you can see your dedication to victory from here.

The sixth is "Never Ending".
Reason for recommendation: Here is what the state of a person with high IQ and energetic is. Let you see the logical thinking, thinking, thinking of this wise man. And

The seventh is "Death Poetry Society".

Recommended reason: only to be aware of it, not to be said.

The eighth is "Despicable Street".

Recommended reason: a person has many sides, don't think that there is only one side, and so are you.

The ninth one is "Chain Saw 1", this is a horror movie, do not dare to watch it!!!!!!!

Reason for recommendation: You must be wondering why this is recommended, because this is very healing after reading it. They are so miserable. What are your problems and troubles. Another angle is gratitude. Hurry up, you have a good body now, thank you for every sip of clear water you drink, and be grateful for this world. You can live a long time. Maybe only young people can stay up all night and ruin their body. Should take a look. The comment below said that there is a line that I think is very good, "It is an honor to live."

The last one is "The Godfather".

Recommended reason: I think this movie can make a boy grow into a man, which is very good. May also become a gentleman.

Most of the movies in these are dark on the outside, but the dark ones can let you learn things, and the inspirational ones are to give you some touch and let you through the darkness. Growth itself is a very painful thing, crossing the river in the dark. But the heart must be full of sunshine.