Have you heard a sentence with extremely positive values?

1. The world is full of divisions, so learn to respect others.
2. Confession is to show your mind, not to ask for a relationship.
3. You can hate something, but you must allow it to exist and others like it.
4. People who love you will make you a better person.
5. Remember to leave a copy for your parents for the gentleness of this life.
6. We all shine separately, we don't have to blow out other people's lights.
7. There is no correlation between appearance and education.
8. It should be to get strength and happiness from likes, not to like it after spending all the strength and happiness.
9. You can blurt out compliments, and think twice about defamation.
10. Right or wrong is one's own, the reputation is up to others, regardless of gains or losses.
11. Living the way you want is not selfish, and asking others to live the way you want is selfish.
12. If you encounter bad things, deal with them as appropriate and filter them appropriately.
13. Don't let entertainment software take your values with you.
14. Your gender should not restrict you from liking anything.