Can't Russia keep a low profile and make a fortune like China?

After the disintegration of the Soviet Union in 1991, China and Russia embarked on a journey of pretending to be grandchildren at the same time. Yeltsin sincerely asked American experts to design a new system. Putin clamored to join NATO. In order to flatter Bush, he gave him all his ancestral crosses. As a result, the United States and Europe grinned and said, we are family! On the one hand, Russia's sphere of influence in the Middle East is being eroded bit by bit. Eastern European countries pulled into NATO one by one, and missile cannons were aimed at Moscow. Encouraging Ukraine to take back Crimea in order to abolish Russia's Black Sea Fleet. Let Russia not even have a vent for two knives in the west.

Didn't Russia pretend to be a grandson? Installed! Is it useful to pretend to be better than China? Many people think that China's muffled fortune is the result of other people's charity? I thought that after 1991, the United States really did not add to China's obstacles! where! South China Sea, Taiwan Strait, Diaoyu Islands, where is it missing? Why not sanction China like the sanctions against Russia? Because it can't be blocked! Russia, with a pinch from the west, land and sea are all blocked. If you hold Korea and Japan in the east, Russia will be quarantined. China wants to block him, and it has Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines, Taiwan, Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Japan, South Korea, and Cambodia all in its hands. Can it be done? difficult! And even if your first island chain is blocked, it's not airtight. Therefore, the United States is not benevolent to China, and the same pressure is not less, and the same is also exerted on China. It's just that Russia's own geographical conditions, demographic status, economic conditions, as well as government mobilization and credibility are all inadequate, resulting in worse pressure. However, China is more capable of resisting pressure and has not been suppressed.

So it seems that China is keeping a low profile and developing successfully. In fact, everyone is keeping a low profile, but China has good conditions, strong organizational strength, withstands pressure, and has achieved development! Do you really think that China's development was sent by the Americans with kindness? Really think you can mix well just by pretending to be grandson? But there is one thing that China is indeed different from Russia. The grandson of China is indeed pretending, and Russia really wants to be a grandson. Twenty years later, those who wanted to be grandsons were beaten to the fore, and those who pretended to be grandsons to be grandfathers became big brothers. So the question is not whether to keep a low profile but to defend the principle to the death.

The red line drawn by China has been adhered to since 49 years. It's so hard, and everyone can't eat anymore and still persevere. That's why no one dares to touch this red line. What about Russia? At first, I didn't know whether I should go east or west. The strategic red line in the Soviet era was not taken seriously in order to be grandsons. Now that I have eaten it, I know that I have been tricked. Smash the pot and sell the iron, thinking about setting the rules, and drawing the red line. Do it all over again in the Soviet era and Peter the Great era. My head was pinched by the door! Confused! A country always has dirty hands and feet, just like a startup company. Which company has clean accounts when it starts up? When the career gets bigger, people and companies are desperately trying to hide and beautify themselves. This Russia is so stupid that he is hacking himself! I'm afraid that people don't know that their hands and feet are dirty. Then I tossed myself to the point where I couldn't live anymore, and I had to go to the dirty work with my teeth and claws! Why does the United States always have trouble with Russia? Because it's stupid! After pressing and coaxing, he cut the eggs by himself. If you cheat once, it wants to cheat again. If you really don't eat soft or hard, you can't take advantage of it.