Why are the French so lazy and rest all day, the French GDP is still so high, and the technology is still so advanced?

In France, the 35-hour work week has been popular in recent years, and strikes have been one after another. Anyone who has lived in Europe knows that weekends or holidays in Europe are simply a disaster, shops and restaurants are closed, and almost everything is empty when going out. Sometimes in summer, July and August are on holiday, and various stores are closed for two weeks, which seems to be aimed at not wanting to make money.

Few people in France are willing to start a business, because it is really high tax and high manpower. The wealthy tax in France can be levied up to 70%. And to hire an employee, in addition to the basic monthly salary of 1,500 euros, he also has to pay various insurance pensions, and the monthly cost can be tens of thousands of euros. In addition, France generally signs long-term life contracts. Once an employee is signed, it is difficult to dismiss. After the dismissal, the union will negotiate. It is very likely that your compensation will be about the same as his salary. Of course, there are smart companies that sign short-term contracts, but there was news a while ago that a company signed three short-term employees without hiring long-term defendants and went to court.

When I first came to France, I really couldn't understand it. It's so strange that the economy is not paralyzed! In Cannes, where I am, the first Starbucks was opened in 2016, and there is no IKEA in the entire Gold Coast area. Why? Because the local French collectively opposed the entry of large groups, thinking that it would harm the local economic interests. Amazon's opening of the 24-hour delivery service in the Paris area was immediately restricted, which was deemed to have caused unfair competition to other local companies. These news are simply incredible to foreigners.

However, as I lived longer and longer, I talked more and more with the French, and gradually began to understand their ideas. France is a place that places great emphasis on the education of philosophical speculation, and philosophy is a compulsory course. If you have read the online French college entrance examination questions, you should be familiar with them. This origin comes from civil society. The rulers initially believed that civil society is determined by the collective of citizens, so each citizen must have the ability to think independently and deeply. Because of this kind of education, French society is full of philosophical atmosphere. There are many philosophical cafes in Paris, and salons are held regularly for philosophical discussions. There are also many philosophical debates on TV programs. The topics range from politics to marriage. Ear-philosophical stars enjoy the status of rock stars.

Most of the French in this environment believe that there are many kinds of human values ​​and identities: as employees at work, as family members, as lovers, as members of society, as the self, as artists... They believe that the identity of an employee is only one of his many identities, and he should not become the whole of a person’s life. Therefore, they will have enough time to get along with their family, with their loved ones, with themselves, participate in parades, and develop their hobbies. They believe that these times should be greater than or equal to the time of their status as employees. Here is a digression. For example, getting along with your lover is separate from getting along with your family. That is to say, even with children and parents, getting together with your wife during family time is different from getting together with your wife like a lover.

For example, my parents-in-law, although they often eat or travel with us, they still often watch movies with two people, eat a candlelight dinner, and spend time for two people. Sometimes even for the sake of two people's time to push our appointment... and most French people have their own hobbies and dual identities: a bank executive can be an amateur tennis player at the same time, the restaurant chef is a band and drummer , The housing agency is a drama actor at night... In their view, the identity of an employee is used to make money to support their independent life. This identity is often mechanical and non-self. But in fact, few people like their job, they like to talk or smile mechanically day after day, as a professional. Although this identity is necessary, it should not occupy all of life.

As I mentioned earlier, the French are generally conservative and opposed to large companies, which is also based on this principle. Large companies will use their asset advantages to overwhelm local small companies or family workshops. This will cause most people to become unemployed and flock to large companies as screws. Because the number of people is more competitive, large companies can lower wages and reduce benefits, which will make many people lose their jobs. People lose their choice of "professional identity", are forced to do more disliked jobs, and face lower pay.

So, what are the French people who we define as "lazy" doing with time outside of their professional status? Read, think, chat. The French are really very, very ridiculous, they can talk about everything, and they have to talk about everything. After that, some people are willing to discuss it with you. Every time I chat with my various French friends, it’s like opening the door to a new world: some friends have all kinds of knowledge about fish, some are about various plants, some are studying hypnosis, and some go to Mongolia to repair. Once a shaman, some know Arabic and culture well, some love astronomy and make their own spaceship models...These are all adults, and they usually have their own jobs. However, there is another side outside of work. But he has always been curious and curiosity. Several of them are writing their books (though I don't know if they will be published), some have done exhibitions, and some have participated in performances. Under their influence, I also started to run the library every week, and participated in some exchange meetings. My mother-in-law took to her art gallery to draw nude models, and occasionally danced a salsa... In this state, it helps. I have time to concentrate, temporarily forget about money and work, and enter the time to recharge and enjoy myself.

Although it hasn't been for many years, but over the years, I can feel the expansion of independent thinking ability, imagination, relevance and the scope of knowledge. I believe that people who grow up under this "lazy person" mode have sufficient vision, creativity, thinking ability, and concentration ability. On this basis, both cutting-edge technology and art are areas that are easy to expand.

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