When I traverse the ruler between 3 and 4 marks with my finger, do I touch π?

From the point of view of quantum mechanics, space is discontinuous. The minimum physical length within the scope of human cognition is 1 Planck length. A size smaller than this length has no physical meaning. 1 Planck length is about 1.6 * 10﹣³³ meters, that is to say, the highest accuracy of the space your finger traverses is about the order of 10﹣³³ meters, but the precision of π is infinite, and it will stay between two discontinuous Planck lengths. . After all the matter in your hand is drawn to the previous Planck length, it will "flash" to the next Planck length, so your hand does not touch π.

Some people may question quantum mechanics, but according to existing theories, a space less than 1 Planck's length has no physical meaning at all. The π on the ruler is like a fire-breathing dragon in a garage. Some people say it is there, but from a physical point of view, it does not exist in reality and cannot be touched.

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