What are the life experiences that the earlier you know the better?

1. Girls’ first time is really important, don’t give it to others lightly. Be cautious again!
2. It doesn't matter if you love the wrong person, but you must know how to stop loss in time.
3. Learning is not the most important thing, but if you are not a rich second-generation, learning is a shortcut for you to overtake a corner.
4. What is right and wrong is right and wrong. Don't believe a friend who easily loves to talk to you about other people's privacy gossip, because he will definitely talk about you too.
5. There are no eternal friends or enemies. Benefits and personal values ​​determine whether you are friends, enemies, or strangers.
6. Silly Baitian can't stand in the society unless you are a wealthy or handsome Bai.
7. Be a person and stay on the front line so that you can meet each other well in the future. It is important not to be too absolute in everything. 8. Parents-in-laws will always be parents-in-laws and will never be the same as your parents, because your parents can forgive you unconditionally, but they won't.
9. The marriage partner is really important to the original, if you want to say more important, it must be the same three views!
10. People are strong, including your lover and children. So insisting on making yourself better and stronger is the most important thing.
11. Resign and marry away. Don't do it if you don't get into the water. Unless you want to experience the hard mode of life!
12. Your parents also have limitations in knowledge and vision, and what they say is not always correct, but if they are successful and good at some aspect, try to listen to the old people's words as they are right; but if they have no experience or fail in some aspect, you can Stick to your own ideas.
13. It is really important to master a skill from an early age! Musical instruments, languages, and talents are all okay. They can make you shine at critical moments, and you can survive with dignity when you are desperate.
14. Don't be nearsighted! Don't be nearsighted! Don't be nearsighted! It's really troublesome and unsightly. I'll talk about important things three times.
Most of the beauty before the age of 15 or 30 is given by nature, and after the age of 30, it depends on self-care. 16. Don't always focus on the beauty of facial features, figure and temperament are more important! Learn to exercise and manage your figure, find your own makeup and dressing style, and protect your skin, which will double your beauty.
17. Picture discounts and cheaply bought things are really low frequency of use, and they are basically idle. 18. It is very important to learn to reconcile with yourself. Loving yourself is not just talking about it. If you don't really love yourself, don't expect how much others love you.
19. Don't put your child in a position to be more important than the other half and yourself. The result of losing yourself is either your husband ran away with others, or overwhelming the child to make him depressed.
20. There are many people on both sides of the workplace, so learn to distinguish. Remember to never expect to find friends where you work, unless you leave your job or your department is far apart.
21. Just listen to what the leader says. Don't take it too seriously. Many pictures can't be done, and many criticisms are based on the emotions of the time. It is important to maintain emotional stability, not humble or overbearing, and persist in doing things seriously. 22. When someone talks to you, the over and praise in the first half is not the point. The point is the words after the "but" or the overtones. Only by learning to understand words can you do the right thing.
23. Never expect a man to support you, forever! The days of asking for money with palms up are really hard. 24. Marriage, family or workplace life must have an unbreakable bottom line, otherwise, a person without principles will not be respected.
25. Don't talk to your girlfriends too much about the good or bad of your partner, especially if you are married. Talking about being too good will attract envy and hatred. Talking about too much is bad and others won't look down on you.
26. Don't leave your girlfriend's contact information to your partner unless you need it urgently to avoid unnecessary misunderstandings and troubles.
27. In this world, no one except your parents will treat you unconditionally.
28. Parents are more fragile than you think. The older you get, the more stubborn and more like a child. Try to understand more and less reason.
29. Cherish life and stay away from Ma Baonan and Demon!
30. When I left school and entered the workplace, I wanted to cry and hid quietly in the corridor to cry. I went out of my natal door and entered my in-law’s house. Don't let your vulnerability become a weapon for others to attack. 31. You are the ones who like to sleep late, spicy sweets, high-sugar drinks, and acne. 32. If you have skin problems, please don't go online to see folk remedies or believe in experts, or buy expensive products in shopping malls. Please go to the hospital for examination as soon as possible.
33. The degree of myopia will continue to increase if you do not pay attention to it in adulthood.
34. Many diseases are caused by emotions, especially cancer at a young age, excessive stress, depression, sadness, etc. Either learn to ease the adjustment, or go to the oncology department of the hospital for a look. Nothing is more important than health.
35. Whatever you are experiencing now, no matter how big it is, it will be over ten years later.
36. People with different aura circles don't need to force themselves to embarrass themselves.
37. Complaints turned out to be a way to solve problems quickly. If necessary, learn how to defend your rights.
38. It does have advantages to be beautiful, but it must be used correctly.
39. Most men like gentle women. They will act coquettishly with their spouse. This is a skill that women should master. Of course, if you encounter a problem of principle, you must make a move when it is time to make a move.
40. Don't complain about the material conditions your parents provide you. If you have the ability to improve your next generation.
41. There must be a principle for relatives and friends, not without excessive indulgence or dependence.
42. Money can not only solve 90% of things, but the remaining 10% can also be delayed by money.
43. There is only a difference between 0 and 1 domestic violence. Those who have done it will definitely continue. Staying away is the best way to stop loss.
44. Precepts and deeds are more useful than 10,000 extracurricular tutoring classes.
45. In many cases, talk less if you can't speak, at least you can't make mistakes.
46. ​​Time in school is the best time.
47. No matter how busy you are, please try your best to make up and dress well when you go to work, which will help your aura and temperament. With such a fast pace of life, there is really no time to slowly understand your inner beauty, so please beautify both inside and outside.
48. Eat well, sleep well and have a good mood, which is more effective than any health products. It is a drug that is three-point poison, and it is used with caution, including health products.
49. When you borrow money, you are the master, and when you wait for the repayment, you are the grandson.
50. As the age increases, friends will gradually decrease, which is normal.
51. You have the cost of trial and error before the age of 30. Please be cautious after the age of 30.
52. Unless the circumstances are special, it is not recommended to speak naked.
53. A woman's marriage is indeed the second reincarnation. The first time you cannot choose, please choose the second time.
54. After marriage, the child can be born as soon as the child is born. The child is at the best age. It takes too much time and energy to look back if you miss it.
55. If you want a second child, you can consider if you have the conditions, but if you can't afford one, or there is no one to help you, don't embarrass yourself first and have to have another child. Good quality is better than quantity.
56. Mother-in-law and mother-in-law, try not to live under the same roof!
57. Working mothers will work harder, so they need to stabilize the unit or secure income before their children, and don’t let yourself work harder.
58. When conditions permit, make time to travel more, read thousands of books, really have to travel thousands of miles, go out to see the world, you will know the wonderful world and small self.
59. To buy a house in a high-rise, try to choose more than 9 floors. Good lighting and good direction are really important. Non-hardcovered second-hand houses, buy them and install them before living, otherwise, after living for a while, you either don't want to install them all the time, or you have to give up installing them too much.
60. With excess savings, invest in housing instead of apartments.
61. Don't develop the habit of over-spending and run fewer credit cards.

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