How do students at top universities in the United States study?

To be honest, I don't have any speed reading skills that can kill hundreds of pages in an hour. On the contrary, if there is a skill of reading that my professor unanimously emphasized and tried to train, then it is SLOW READING that the professor in the politics class on Monday just asked us to read a text,

Nietzsche talks about SLOW READING: For this very reason it(philology) is the highest attraction and incitement in an age of "work"- that is to say, of haste, of unseemly and immoderate hurry- scurry, which is intent upon "getting things done" at once, even every book, whether old or new.

Nietzsche's disgusted reading method is exactly the way modern readers read: gulping all over, hurriedly, thinking about "read it quickly", wishing to rush all the way to the last page. How should I read it?

Philology itself, perhaps, will not "get things done" hurriedly: it teaches how to read well: ie slowly, profoundly, attentively, prudently, with inner thoughts, with the mental doors ajar, with delicate fingers and eyes profoundly, attentively, prudently, with inner thoughts, with the mental doors ajar, with delicate fingers and eyes

My professor of classical studies asked me to read between the lines. In another political theory class, the professor asked us to read the second and third times, and write a reading report, sort out and judge the author’s argument; in the philosophy class, the professor would have a paragraph , And even explain it sentence by sentence.

If they taught me a way to read, the only way to read a good book is slow reading. I didn't read it in full, picking the first sentence of each paragraph, and just read it with sparknote. That's the way to hug the Buddha's feet before the exam without reading the book properly, and to fool the teacher and fool yourself. If I say what I have learned in this way, I'm totally deceiving myself. Yes, there is nothing, even if I get an A, even if I take the top few in the class. Now that I think of it, I am very annoyed that reading is not to draw a tick on the worksheet, but because they are useful, because they are the creations of some of the smartest people in human civilization, because they can help me become a better one. people.

Slow reading is essentially nothing but respect for the text. And these classic texts deserve my respect. Fooling over the reading, wasting the rare opportunity to communicate with great works, just to save time to do some activities that do not know the meaning, go to the network, go to the social, go to the crowd, and invest in the trivial I don’t think it’s wise to talk meaninglessly. I don’t think there are as many truths in the Utopia as there are words in a night.

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