Are there any cheap but high-tech products?

Disposable lighter. The price is 1-2 yuan. Wholesale 2-5 gross.

The disposable lighter is a small pressure vessel. The inside is filled with liquid butane of about 0.25Mpa. The ignition uses piezoelectric ceramics, which can generate a pressure difference of about 6000V and output a few microamperes of current. The outer flame of the windproof lighter can reach a temperature close to about 1300 degrees. Similar butane spray guns can melt copper.

If you completely disassemble a disposable lighter (including piezoelectric lighters), there are about 20 parts. It involves more than ten different processes such as injection molding, stamping, bending, spring forming, electroplating, spraying, ultrasonic welding, sintering, rubber thermoforming, plastic stretching, gluing, and dozens of different equipment.

The design of the disposable lighter is also very remarkable. Simple to use. Children in kindergarten can use it. Reliable performance. It can basically be lighted under normal use. The life span is long enough. If it is not for dropping, drying, knocking, or washing, it is rare to see anyone who can use up the gas of a disposable lighter. The output is adjustable. The flame length can extend from less than one centimeter to more than ten centimeters... From the product point of view, this design almost meets all needs. Its design needs to take into account a series of complex calculations such as liquid-to-gas change, gas diffusion, combustion conditions, flame control, ignition intensity, etc.

And it only sells for one dollar. If you just talk about it, although the disposable lighter has demonstrated a very powerful price-performance ratio, it is not enough to reflect its strength. Have you ever bought disposable lighters abroad? The prices are all around $1. While in

Disposable lighters are not very similar to other things. Most of the domestic products that are particularly cheap are due to low foreign demand, particularly high demand for manpower, or "intellectual property rights" issues, such as Laoganma, textiles and "Rolex watches" ", "Burberry Scarf" and so on. The lighter is definitely not. There are so many smokers in the world, who doesn't need a lighter? The manpower required to produce disposable lighters is not particularly large. Otherwise, according to the labor price trend and material cost of the past two years, the price of lighters should have risen long ago. Then why is it so cheap...because the production of this thing is technical. This technology is not the high automation rate and precision of the automotive industry, nor the further integration of the microelectronics industry, but it is called "just enough."

If you don’t believe me, friends with certain manufacturing experience and mechanical knowledge, please disassemble a lighter yourself, list a simple BOM, and tell me, even at a cost of 1 yuan, can you produce a lighter? If you are a friend with machinery and production purchasing knowledge, you should already know what I'm talking about. Friends who don’t have, let me explain briefly. The technical strength in your minds is often clean workshops, fully automatic equipment, and the CAD interface of Yunshan fog cover. So you might think that the small factories in the Pearl River Delta and the Yangtze River Delta are very low.

However, this "enough is good" is a very, very important embodiment of technical strength in the rise of China's manufacturing industry. For example, a plastic mold can be opened and closed to produce several products. The product may cost a few cents, but the mold costs tens of thousands. In the early years, enterprises in the Pearl River Delta made their fortunes based on Japanese, Hong Kong, and Taiwan-funded technology. The technology is very good. Their molds are often manufactured with a life span of more than 10w opening and closing, and can even achieve 100w times. This is great when you have a very large number of orders, or when you have very high profits. Continuous production can effectively ensure stable quality and low cost. But what if you only have 5,000 orders? You are worried. The cost of the 3w mold is spread into the 10w pcs order, and each piece is only 0.3 cost. Spread to 5000 pcs? 6 yuan. This far exceeds the cost of materials and labor, and instantly increases the cost of the product tenfold.

You may ask "Why not make a mold with a life of about 5000 times?" If the life of the mold is made according to the materials selected in the textbook, the life will not be less than 5w times. So what to do? The masters in the Yangtze River Delta are different from those in the Pearl River Delta. They are often old companies handed down from the old Shanghai generation. They may not have enough knowledge of new technologies and new materials, but they have a better understanding of traditional materials and structures. Very high awareness. Grasp a few key points, replace the rest with cheap materials, "just enough", the mold can also produce products that can be used and meet the standards. And this kind of mold makes the masters in the Pearl River Delta basically unable to recognize that it is a mold. This perfectly solves the problem of only 5000pcs orders.

Back to the disposable lighter. The quality of domestic disposable lighters can only be said to be average, compared with foreign standard lighters, it does not have a thick shell. But it works, enough. This is enough. Its price that is so high comes from a deep understanding of each part, which saves all the parts that can be saved, but still guarantees its functionality and reliability. Such experience is not only not found in books, even people in the industry cannot understand it in a day or two. This is the strongest technology in China's manufacturing industry, "just enough." The disposable lighter is precisely the most direct manifestation of this technical strength. It can ignite 3000 times, can last for 2 minutes, and most importantly, it only costs one dollar.

Italian sports cars are world-renowned, and there is no doubt about the level of technology. But in contrast, Volkswagen Toyota, which makes grocery shopping carts, dominates the world. Volkswagen’s Beetle happens to be the most typical "just enough" product. What is the most famous car in China? Wuling Hongguang. In contrast, it doesn’t have BYD’s electric technology, Great Wall’s atmospheric appearance, and Jia’s boss’s domineering PPT, but it is undoubtedly the most suitable car for ordinary Chinese families. , Easy to repair. Being able to make the quality of the product a little higher than the customer's expectation, while the price drops below the customer's expectation, and still guarantee a certain profit, this is definitely not something that can be done casually.

China has become a major manufacturing country in recent years. People often think that it has no technical content and is completely dependent on labor costs to eat labor-intensive product markets. This is inappropriate. In the process of integration, some powerful companies have reduced the cost of their products below a certain level through their own efforts and accumulated experience of "enough is good", and successfully achieved promotion and popularization. This is definitely Has a very high technical content. It is not a bad thing to become the world's factory. The United States has gradually taken the world's voice in imitation and mass production, thus supporting it in winning the Second World War and standing firm on the historical stage for nearly a century. It would be great if Chinese companies could make products such as disposable lighters well.

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