What do you think of Musk's second revelation of secret Twitter documents, which reveals Twitter's "blacklisting" mechanism? What are the messages worth noting?

What do you think of Musk's second revelation of secret Twitter documents, which reveals Twitter's "blacklisting" mechanism? What are the messages worth noting?

The United States of America is also talented, before Snowden exposed the Security Bureau wiretapping scandal, and now there is Musk to reveal the true face of American democracy and freedom, is a joke.

After Musk spent 44 billion U.S. dollars to buy Twitter, some of the previous internal confidential information are also Musk in the bag, and then began to explode. This really poked the lungs of the United States "freedom of speech", equivalent to the U.S. government on the fire.

In the beginning, Musk was careful to "reveal" some internal Twitter documents to others. For example, the first time by Tebbit, Musk then retweeted Tebbit tweets.

The one that came out on December 3 was how Twitter followed the instructions of the Democrats to delete all kinds of unfavorable comments about Biden before the 2020 election. Including Biden's youngest son's laptop scandal, there are three main types of information here that are unfavorable to the Biden campaign.

The first is that Hunter himself, very revealing photos of this kind of children; the second is Hunter himself suspected of being high on drugs, deliriously awake photos; the third is that the Ukrainian businessman in order to know Biden, his son Hunter channeled improper interests, the interest is said to be money, and then as long as the Democrats to remove some of the negative comments on Biden.

Then as soon as the Democrats sent some tweets against Biden to Twitter executives, the executives would arrange for the tweets to be "disposed of".

The fact that the Democratic Party, which was only an opposition party at the time, was able to exercise the functions of the U.S. government and manipulate Twitter to delete tweets that were unfavorable to Biden is tantamount to proving that the Democratic Party manipulates online opinion through the Internet giant. This also makes the "neutrality" and "freedom of speech" that Twitter previously boasted a joke, and Twitter is a tool of the American party.

The second big story came out on December 9, with a new source, Barry Wells, founder of the Free Times, releasing it. It said that Twitter has a secret blacklist, some right-wing people on this "blacklist" will be restricted, and users are difficult to search.

Then there is the targeting of Trump.

Before and after the Capitol Hill riots on Jan. 6, the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security frequently contacted Twitter executives, and Twitter secretly helped U.S. security agencies gather intelligence. This included an investigation into Trump.

At that time, Trump was still the president of the United States, and as a result, the U.S. security agencies frequently investigated Trump, and Twitter was very cooperative. In the end, Trump's Twitter account was directly blocked, a private company has the right to suppress a president's speech, even the president does not have the so-called "freedom of speech", let alone the general public?

Here comes an interesting question.

Instead of following the orders of the President of the United States, the U.S. security services are eager to investigate Trump and cover up the scandal of Biden's youngest son. A party in opposition has given private use to a security agency that the U.S. has always touted as politically neutral, so does the U.S. security service serve the U.S. government, or the Democratic Party?

See here will understand why Musk issued a "will not commit suicide" statement. I believe that the Democratic Party may have given more than one jungle hunt order. If this kind of fierce news comes one after another, Musk can not rule out the possibility of being done away with.

Now Musk in the limelight will be relatively safe, once the wind passed, Musk's personal safety is not easy to say.

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Author: Steven Ting

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