The US midterm elections officially began on Tuesday. Media outlets said Arizona and other six states are key battlegrounds. What is the current situation?

Many people think the Republicans will win the midterm. Their favorite question now is whether the Democrats can hold on to New York (where, after all, they prosecuted Donald Trump for tax evasion and went after Bannon for fraud).

New York Gov. Cathy Hochul, a Democrat, had a double-digit lead in early October, but Rep. Mary Zeldin, a Republican who is backed by both the Trump and the Orthodox Jewish Chamber of Commerce, spent $3 million more in advertising and quickly caught up with the "policing" campaign, closing within 4 percent in the last poll. And the Orthodox Church is said to have turned to him.

Meanwhile, Cathy Hochul has offended her donors by making a mess of New York's security by protecting Alvin Bragg, the Manhattan district attorney who spearheaded the effort to clean up the law.

Lose the governorship of New York, and half of the Democrats' previous judicial assault on the Trump will collapse, along with the House and Senate and the other half. Nothing can stop the King from returning to the White House except a psycho killer.

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