How long will it take for beginners to complete a thousand-piece jigsaw puzzle without division?

How long will it take for beginners to complete a thousand-piece jigsaw puzzle without division?

I started to spell 1000 from the jigsaw puzzle. My experience tells me that quantity does not directly affect difficulty. In addition to the number of pieces, there are many other factors:

1. Style: Oil paintings are generally difficult to spell. I have spend about a week for Starry Sky 1000

But the more obvious color blocks like the Taj Mahal 1000 can be done in a few hours

Animation-style funkyzoo is also half a day

2. Color block: It is more difficult to match a large area of the same color block. Japan's hell series

Ravensburger's krypt series (a week for more than 600 pieces)

But the gradient color is easier, such as the 1000 of cymk (2 days to get it)

The sky over the Golden Gate Bridge is also easy

3. Overall color tone: If all the puzzle pieces are the same size, it will be very difficult to slice at the beginning. For example, this educa Ding Ding car 1000 is either black or blue. Fight to the point of collapse.

blue clam

And the blue of the sea and the blue sky

4. Puzzle fit: most have a good fit, which directly affects the efficiency of violent solutions in the later stage. For example, promagranate jigsaw puzzles are relatively thick, and the speed of stuffing them in and taking them out should not be too fast, otherwise the jigsaw puzzle will be damaged. Like this cathedral, I fought violently for 15 hours in the sky

San Francisco Palace of Fine Arts

In contrast, the sky and waves of piatnik are easier to fight, and it can be done in one afternoon

Clementoni has just the right bite too


Sharing tips:

1. Picking a good brand is more important than anything else.

2. Novices should avoid oil painting. Difficult.

3. Avoid puzzles with single color blocks/color blocks, which are not easy to classify.

4. Start with more details, such as these:

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