What layman’s stupid design is actually incomparable?

People who watch YouTube frequently should know that its ads can be skipped. For example, when you watch a video ad for 75 seconds, there will be an option in the lower right corner after the ad is placed for 5 seconds, allowing you to skip the ad and watch it directly. video.
As shown in the picture~ (just click on a video on the homepage
The bottom left corner shows that the total duration of the ad is 2 minutes and 14 seconds, and the bottom right corner prompts you to skip the ad in 4 seconds.

After 4 seconds, you can click the Skip Ad at any time to skip the ad and watch the video directly.

At first I was naive, I was still thinking that youtube is kind (in other words stupid...), I don’t want the domestic video sites to force you to watch a particularly long and boring advertisement.

Until one day a youtube executive came to our school to give a speech and suddenly realized what a delicate setting this is.

In this era of big data, youtube will target specific advertisements to different people. If you pass this advertisement after 5 seconds, it means that you are not (or unlikely) to become a potential customer of their company. If you pass it later, the time you watched will also be recorded. The longer it is, the more likely you are to become a customer. If you pass one type of advertisement many times, it will serve you different types of advertisements. This exquisite mechanism can divide customers in a particularly detailed manner, analyze the companies and products you are interested in through big data, and then feed them back to advertisers.

This is really a win-win design.
YouTube can charge more advertising fees through this analysis service and positioning analysis.
Businesses can also advertise more targeted to attract more customers.
First of all, users can watch the video directly in 5 seconds without having to endure such a long advertisement. Secondly, because of this setting, manufacturers will make advertisements more and more attractive, allowing customers to watch advertisements voluntarily. At the same time, manufacturers can also rest assured to shoot long-term advertisements (such as the two-minute or more in the picture)~ (Only you are confident that we will watch it...)

I still remember there were two commercials, one was as shocking as a blockbuster, and the last was a car commercial.
Another one is also very impressive. . . The beginning is a man standing in a garage with a Lamborghini behind him. The first sentence is (I can’t remember the original words, similar): Do you want money to buy a Lamborghini? Do you want to know how I earn What money is balabala. . . I know this sounds like Amway MLM, but it really attracted me to keep watching. . In the end it seems to be an advertisement for financial products~

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