What habit are you most fortunate to have developed?

1. Don't be a good old man. Good old people like to take the initiative to help others. Before you want to help someone, see if the person is worth helping.

2. Before you go out, don’t forget to bring a few band-aids in your bag. There are some bumps, which can be used when it is not convenient to go to the pharmacy.

3. Girls take the subway and bus, try to wear miniskirts as little as possible, don't turn their backs to people, try to find the corners facing outwards, you can dress beautifully, but also pay attention to self-prevention.

4. When discussing with others, don't interrupt at will. Be sure to wait until others have finished speaking before expressing your own opinions, so that others will think you are polite and will tend to understand your point of view.

5. Wash underwear and socks separately, don't be too troublesome, after all, the sanitation level of the two places is different.

6. Go to the gym and exercise. Before changing into tights, you must have a layer of underwear inside, otherwise others will cast a strange look.

7. When you see a good answer, give it a thumbs up, so you will see more good answers in the future.

8. You should never put valuables such as mobile phones, keys, wallets, etc. in your back trouser pocket.

9. No matter how urgent things are, you must knock on the door before you can enter. This is the basic workplace courtesy.

10. Dress yourself up every time you go to an appointment. Arrange your hair, cut your nose, brush your teeth, and lighten your makeup. The more you pay attention to the details, the more you can show the importance of the other person.

11. When others talk to oneself, keep their eyes on the other person. This is a performance of respecting the other person, and it will also enhance the goodwill of others towards yourself.

12. Learn to reject what you don't want to do. People who are unfamiliar don't want to pay with the money and just refuse to participate. Sometimes it's better to be colder than not to get up.

13. The chat does not say "Are you there?" Sometimes it is straightforward, without the so-called etiquette, and the communication efficiency is greatly improved.

14. Understand the courtesy of others.

When I meet an acquaintance on occasion, it's mostly polite to say a dinner party, don't take it seriously.

15. Don't force yourself to melt into places or circles where you feel uncomfortable. The longer you stay, the more you will be overdrawn. For example: a bar with a burst of sound, a group of classmates comparing each other.

16. Even if you grew up wearing the same pair of pants, you have to pick up something when you drop by. Others say that you are courteous when you look outside, and that you bring things with you are courtesy, and when combined, it's a worldly affection.

17. Learn to be grateful. Gratitude can bring joy and happiness to both parties.

18. A boy who likes you will not start a joke with you before establishing a relationship. If he really likes someone, he will respect him from the heart instead of offending him. So, when a guy tells you a bad joke, don't respond, and at the same time see his nature clearly. Don't judge a person based solely on impressions.

19. Before washing clothes, touch all the pockets, not only to prevent the document from falling into the water, but also to often have unexpected surprises.

20. People who you think are friendly at first glance may give you a small report behind your back; people who you think are bad-tempered, but help yourself at critical times. Observe his daily behavior more, and the evaluation of him by others is much more accurate than his own intuition.

21. Make preparations for the next day in advance. For things, put the keys, tissues, and certificates in your bag in advance; for work, review yesterday and write down the work schedule for tomorrow. In this way, you can wake up calmly every day and have a better condition to welcome the new day.

22. Talk to talk, and always retain 30% of mystery. Including: planning, income, age, family issues.

23. Keep accounts at any time. Keep a record of every consumption on your mobile phone and divide it into categories, so that your monthly consumption is very clear, and you know where to spend more and need to be restrained.

24. Don't rush to pay for dinner with boys, but will give him red envelopes afterwards. Not rushing to pay the bill is to take care of the boys' face, and the red envelope is to share the bill.

25. Where to do what, do not have any electronic products where you sleep. One is to prevent radiation and create a good sleeping environment for yourself; the other is to avoid getting stuck and don't waste time on meaningless things.

26. Don't make any decisions when you are angry. IQ is zero when people are angry.

27. Eat with family elders and company elders, wait for them to sit down before sitting by themselves.

27. Develop the habit of throwing away old things regularly. Many odds and ends will take up a lot of our space and distract us. A desktop with only a computer, and a desktop full of papers, cups, and snacks, work efficiency is worlds apart.

28. Develop a good habit of continuous replay every day. Progress is not a slogan, the core is to absorb the knowledge learned to the maximum extent, and replay is your best thinking aid.

29. Don't look at your phone if you can't sleep at night, you will get more and more energetic; listen to a lullaby or bedtime story, and it won't take long to fall asleep.

30. When going to the bathroom, it is suitable to read entertainment gossip web articles; in the rest of the free time, read method books. Some content is only suitable for pastime and should not take up too much time. Some content is suitable for spending time researching and learning to improve your thinking. Don't get it wrong.

31. Cultivate your own "insensitive power." Don't be too sensitive. When others talk to each other, they think they are talking about themselves, but they are actually discussing the plot.

32. No matter how busy I am, I will finish reading a good book every week.

Watching comedy movies when you are troubled is to treat the symptoms rather than the root cause. If you really want to live more comfortably, read books, read Chinese and foreign masterpieces, philosophical psychology, novel history, humanities and science education. The more books you read, the broader your horizons and the brighter your thinking. You will have a sudden enlightenment, and the original troubles are nothing more than that~

33. Don't tilt your legs. This movement is not elegant and can't prevent it from running out, but it will cause scoliosis and obstruction of blood circulation, which will cause no harm.

34. Don't force yourself to melt into places or circles where you feel uncomfortable. The longer you stay, the more you will be overdrawn. For example: a bar with a burst of sound, a group of classmates comparing each other.

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