What dark fairy tales have you seen?


When the ugly duckling was born, it was the ugliest duck in the entire duck flock.

She was born with the bullying of her companions and endured the dislike of her parents and elders. She believed that with her own efforts, she would grow into a beautiful white swan.

She works hard, learns, fights hard, is strong, and strives to be the best in the duck group. Under her constant efforts, she finally grew into a big ugly duck with comprehensive development of morality, intelligence, physicality, beauty and labor.


Although the big ugly duck is very good, because of its ugliness, no male duck is willing to accept her.

Not only that, which male duck wants to accept a female duck who is smarter and better than himself? In the eyes of some male ducks, the responsibility of the female duck is nothing more than laying eggs and raising ducks.

The helpless big ugly duck could only give up the same kind, and finally chose to come together with a frog. After all, in the eyes of outsiders, their ugly match.

They live together, and gradually become in love with each other. One day, the frog confided to the big ugly duck that he was not actually a frog, but a cursed prince. But if there are three things, the curse of the witch can be broken.

The Ugly Duck asked anxiously: "What is needed?"

The frog said, "Don't do it in vain. You can't get these things at all. I need the teeth of the evil dragon, the skirt of the fairy and a bottle of blood from the true lover."

The Ugly Duck has heard of these distant legends, the evil dragon is in the east of the world, calling the wind and calling the rain, doing all evil, how many warriors have become skeletons. Fairies are in the west of the world, beautiful and beautiful, so many people will never see each other in their entire lives.

Big Ugly Duck thought about it all night, and finally carried his bags and embarked on the journey.


The big ugly duck first came to the east of the world, the east is where the sunrise, under the sun, she saw the figure of the evil dragon.

She was scared and walked to the side of the dragon, wanting to challenge the dragon like all warriors.

"Who are you?" The evil dragon showed a hideous face. "Are you a duck? Why are you looking for me?"

The Ugly Duck told him what happened.

The evil dragon looked at the big ugly duck and his expression did not seem to be fake, he thought about it

"Okay, but tooth extraction is very painful. You have to wait for me for a while."

The evil dragon took out a pair of pliers and forcibly pulled out a tooth from his mouth. He yelled in pain, but then handed his teeth over.

"I hope I can help you. Tooth extraction is really painful."

The big ugly duck was stunned on the spot, she couldn't think of the dragon's teeth so easily. She watched the dragon staggering back to the cave, the sun was like fire, there was ever a corpse around the cave?

The big ugly duck came to the west of the world again, and found a beautiful fairy. She said to the fairy: "Fairy, please lend me my clothes for a use, okay?"

The fairy looked at her with a smile. "Good friend, but do you know? This skirt is woven with a galaxy. Cutting a piece of clothing requires a lot of mana."

"Fairy, please tell me, as long as I can give it to me, I am willing to repay you!"

The fairy continued smiling. "Okay, then you can work for me."

Big Ugly Duck transformed into a fairy's servant. She was industrious and kind, and did hard work for the fairy. She washed and cooked for the fairy, washed her face and feet, and was beautiful. Every requirement of the fairy was harsh and complicated.

That's it, for three full years.

The fairy decided to realize the wish of the big ugly duck. That day, she watched the fairy pick up a pair of ordinary scissors and cut a small piece of her skirt. She handed the hem of the skirt to the big ugly duck with a tired face.

"This is for you."

Looking at the fairy's expectant eyes, the big ugly duck had to bow slightly.

"Thank you."


The Ugly Duck returned to the village and found the frog. She cut off her wings and blood gurgled out.

The three items were finally gathered, and under a burst of holy light, the frog surely lifted the curse and became a tall and handsome prince.

He picked up the injured big ugly duck and said affectionately: "Thank you! Without you, there would be no me. I will take you back to my castle."

The dying big ugly duck looked at the handsome prince, and felt that everything he had experienced had become more and more worthwhile.

The prince kept his promise and brought the injured big ugly duck back to the castle.

When the king saw the prince return, he was very happy and held a grand banquet for the prince. At the banquet, the prince attended alone, and after dancing with the princesses, he enjoyed the most delicious duck meal.


The prince has written his experience of becoming a frog into a book, which sells well across the continent. The book records in detail how he bravely defeated the dragon, met and fell in love with a beautiful fairy, and finally turned from a frog back to a prince.

This story soon became a household name, and everyone knew it. Every girl longs for meeting a perfect man like a prince. They are greedy. Will they meet a frog in the morning and embark on a journey with him to lift the seal of the spell with love.

The only thing that reacted to something wrong was the evil dragon far east of the world. He looked at this wonderful fairy tale and thought of the duck who asked him to borrow teeth.

"It's not like this." He thought.

He came to the sky above the kingdom and wanted to tell the truth for the world. The news spread like wildfire, and the prince changed his face suddenly. On that day, he sent all the warriors of the kingdom and embarked on the road of slaying the dragon amidst the cheers of the people.

The dragon was outnumbered, and his head was cut off by the sword.

The fairy in the distance was moved by this story. She descended to the earth and got married with the prince. This touching love story has been passed down for hundreds of years and is known as the most beautiful fairy tale.

But, who knows that there is such a little duck who believes in the prince to death?

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