What are the reasons you regret not knowing earlier?

People who work too hard won't run far.

Effort should not be something that needs to be constantly aware of. Willpower is mental energy that will be used up in a short time.

The person who really persists to the end does not rely on passion, but just the right kind of love and devotion.

When persistence is no longer a fact that needs to be told or a step that needs to be rehearsed, it becomes a part of our lives, not a burden that hangs on top of our lives.

The longest company is effortless. If you really like that person and really want to be with him for a lifetime, you won’t say how much you love him, but you will feel that “it’s good to be with him every day.”

Too hard love not only makes yourself tired, but also the people around you.

Simple principles can withstand scrutiny.

Because using force will unconsciously raise your expectations. Don't ask for rewards from the world like a child. Your own hard feelings and grievances cannot be your bargaining chip.

People who work too hard are more likely to have expectations gaps, and are less willing to accept the fact that they are looking in the wrong direction. "Efforts are not rewarded" itself is a very desperate thing. Those who go lightly have more room for maneuver.

The harder a person is, the more he wants to get timely and good stimulation. The harder the person, the higher the need for positive stimulation, and the less able to tolerate temporary negative feedback.

True persistence is attributable to calmness, which relies on gentle exertion rather than constant stimulation.

People who work too hard increase the power consumption of the execution. Entanglement and fear of choice are by-products of too much effort. Just to do it is to minimize the mental loss caused by conflict between consciousness and action.

The biggest enemy in the execution stage is entanglement, complaining, regret, and inner conflict-too hard, that is, too many extra mental actions.

I have always warned myself not to use too much force in order to maintain my insensitive and uncomfortable acceptance of difficulties.

Short-term excessive exertion can easily cause physical and psychological contusions. Even if what you are doing is very important, ensure basic rest and relaxation, and don’t indulge yourself in consuming your health to fill the need for effort.

In the end, you will find: Although you never think that you have really worked hard, because you have gone far enough, everyone will think how hard you are.

It’s good to keep working hard.

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