To what extent does the United States control the world?

Tokyo’s airspace rights are not a small part of Japan’s own, but the United States is in the hands. There is an area above Tokyo called "Yokota Airspace", which has always been controlled by the United States.

This is the English controlled by the United States, which means that Japanese aircraft cannot pass through, of course, it includes all kinds of aircraft. Therefore, the Japanese marines will have to pass through this airspace in the future. From the Haneda airspace, the plane heading north to Osaka must fly around in a big turn, and then quickly rise above 7,000 meters, but avoid Yokota. Airplanes flying to Osaka are only 60 years old and airspace flying is allowed by the Ministry of Transport. It must be lowered at the beginning to reach the optimal flying altitude.

The international greet of China's blue sky must also avoid this airspace to make the routes very scarce. In addition, every year because of this Yokota airspace, Japanese civil aviation must travel to 14 billion yen in air tickets and economic losses. But the biggest thing is the shame. For 70 years, a country’s capital could not fly its own country’s aircraft. Does this count as US control of Japan?

At the age of 70, Japan’s economy is booming. Corn Tanaka Kakuei was born in a poor class, with only elementary school education level, without any background or background, step by step, relying on his own to climb to the position of Japan. In order to deal with the crisis, they frequently come to the Arab countries, offending Israel and harming the interests of American oil companies. The choking speechless results. When the tyrannical tyranny broke out in the Spring and Autumn Period, the scandal of Kakuei Tanaka's bribery broke out. The Petroleum Siller Company paid 3 billion yen in bribes to Japan, of which Tanaka received 500 million bribes. Kakuei Tanaka is very good at life and maintains a very good relationship with all the media. However, the Spring and Autumn Period of Literature and Art is about to break out, and he is indeed stealing the spotlight. Many people took selfies afterwards. It's even more interesting, chasing after Tanaka Kakuei's 500 million yen honored, and not paying attention to the other 2.5 billion middlemen, honourable men. After that, the lawsuit was entangled.

In 2001, Koizumi Ichiro worked in the paddy field. In order to pass the precedent that painting was popular but dismissed, because all the policies were synchronized with the United States, the United States let him do whatever the United States asked him to do. So Koizumi went well, unfortunately. There are no gold incidents or economic problems to the Japanese police and they have not heard of it, and spent 5 years in the position.

In 2009, as the leader of the Democratic Party, Ozawa Ichiro had the best chance to win the crowdfunding in the selection that year. At that time, US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton wanted to meet Ozawa. Ozawa did not see the United States. Because it was Kakuei Tanaka who promoted the politician who had experienced the time when Tanaka received bribes. The United States knew that Ozawa was not easy to control. Before choosing, he found out that Xiao Xiao had taken the money from the local construction company in the same way, and directly used Ozawa to resign the Democratic Party leader and let Hatoyama. Hatoyama was too naive. He felt that his family was big, rich and powerful. He publicly opposed the U.S. and pro-China on stage, exposing the "identity of an underground member of the CCP" prematurely. Two major things were done: One was the abolition of the sub-office meeting and the removal of bureaucratic influence on Japanese politics. The second book, the first book, "Annual Reform Proposals." The "Annual Reform Proposal is from 1993, Kiichi Miyazawa and President Clinton" was originally proposed in English at that time to propose reforms to the other party. But it later became the U.S. unilateral reform practice book on Japan, and Japan has no right to refuse. And this year's "Annual Reform Proposal" was abolished by the government during the Hatoyama Cabinet era, and Hatoyama said no to the United States for the first time on behalf of Japan. As a result, it was discovered by the media that his mother had given him 600 million pocket money without paying taxes, chasing the media and beating him violently. Fortunately, this is his own money, and it may not be better for people like Tanaka and Ozawa. Hatoyama has been scolding the country thief since he came to power. 

It can be seen that for a democratic country like Japan, there is no military pressure. As long as you look at which one is not pleasing to the eye, use the US Central Intelligence Agency to check his information. Which country is not a bit scandalous? Let the pro-American Japanese media make a big announcement, and he will be dead, and he will be well raised by obedient politicians.

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