Thanos uses some kind of random number generation method to ensure fairness?

In fact, the six gems have their own purposes in this task, and which one is missing will affect the execution of the task. Space gem: Traverse all the life forms in the universe, assign an id to each life form, and provide storage space. Power Gem: If the id of the life body is odd, kill the life body. Mind gem: Exception handling during execution, skip it if it can't be done, to avoid affecting the entire process. Soul Gem: Recycle the soul trash of the life body to prevent memory leaks. Time gem: modify the system time after execution to cover up the fact that the algorithm execution time is too long. Reality gems: Provide a unified front-end performance, beautify the process of killing life, and ensure that it passes the trial. ============

Thanos: The interface works as long as it works. Why do I look at the source code? The collapse will not collapse, it will not collapse in this life, I have all the dwarf programmers who have never tested it alone to sacrifice to the heavens.

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