Story about father

When I was four years old, my father gave me an Xbox. You know, if I remember correctly, it was a 2001 model, a black rigid box. I played a lot of games with my father and I was very happy until my father passed away two years later.

In the next ten years, I never touched this game console again. However, when I started it again, I discovered something... My father and I once played a racing game called "Off-Road Challenge". At the time, it was really a very fun game. Just when I restarted the game, I found a real ghost! This game has a wonderful setting. The shadow of the fastest player in the previous round will appear in the next game. Participating with the player is the so-called "ghost driver". I think you must have guessed it. That's right, the ghost of my father back then is still racing on the track.

So I played over and over again, trying to defeat this ghost, and slowly, I finally got close to its speed, even until one day I passed it, and then... I stopped before the finish line , So that the ghost of father will not disappear.

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