How important is sex to men?

Men are always longing for new women, but the emptiness they appear after lacking emotional intercourse is actually the same as after flying into an AV. Because for human beings, sex is not just sex, sex is a language, a bridge, from loneliness to intimacy, and a melting pot of mutual affiliation. If you experience true acceptance during sex—I like her and she likes me, then the emptiness after ejaculation will not appear, but will be replaced by a warm sense of fulfillment. You will want to hug her to sleep, protect her, or take possession of her more; on the contrary, after buying spring or some reluctant appointments, you will feel nothing and just like turning off porn after a plane. I want to leave because it's just masturbating with someone else's body.

The social positioning of masculinity also makes men seek something other than sex in sex. The gender role of men tells us that men are strong, have tears and do not flick, do not need to talk to the object, they can digest themselves, and intimacy is superfluous to them. Therefore, when intimacy is shared only between women and women, the heart of a man is lonely. Men are not only isolated from each other, they are actually isolated from women, and the only way to get close to each other physically and mentally is sexual intercourse. Sensitive men are not difficult to detect. When having sex, they have a sense of security, a sense of communicating with others, and a sense of being integrated with others. Men meet all their needs for intimacy, care, and contact through sexual intercourse. Because we have been deprived of the possibility of satisfying these needs through affection.

The reason why sex is important to men is not just because of the need to vent sexual desire; sex is about the acquisition of a man's intimacy.

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