Ethereum (ETH) mining tutorial

Prepare a wallet address First, we need to prepare a wallet address to receive the mined Ether (ETH). Here we use MetaMask wallet, which is actually a Chrome browser plug-in and needs to be used in conjunction with Chrome.

Install the MetaMask wallet plug-in in the Chrome browser and open the official website of the MetaMask wallet: MetaMask​

Click "Create Wallet".

Choose whether you are willing to share some usage data with MetaMask, it can be shared or not.Create a password for your wallet.

This step is very important. You need to properly keep the secret words here. If you lose it, your Ether will never be used. If it is leaked, your Ether will be stolen.In order to ensure that you have recorded the passphrase, MetaMask will ask you to enter the passphrase again, and then click "Confirm".

Click on the red box to copy your wallet address to the clipboard, record this address, and you will use it in the next step to configure the mining software. The address in the clipboard should look like this: 0x0087A4a5b2E266bd1272F9D1658C8CF472dc15Fe Now that you have a wallet address, provide this address to the mining pool, and the mining pool will pay you the proceeds.


Enter the mining tool download page. Here, mining under Windows is taken as an example, so the Win64 version is selected. Enter the mining tool directory and edit the mine_eth file. Modify POOL and WALLET parameters. The block time of Ethereum is very short, only about 15s. Therefore, Ethereum mining is very sensitive to network delay. The following work1 is the name of the mining machine, which is used to distinguish different mining machines. You can name it freely, such as work2, work3, etc. If you have more than one mining machine, make sure that each mining machine has a different name. You need to set up your own wallet address and mining machine name, don't use mine unless you want to send the proceeds to me. After editing, double-click to start mine_eth.

Wait a moment, if you see the word "Share accepted", congratulations, your miner is already mining. Go to the mining pool and you can see that there is one more mining machine whose name is the work1 we set. As of May 3, 2021, take the 570 8G*8 mining machine used in our mine as an example, with a computing power of 240M and a power consumption of 1.4kw. It can mine at least 0.00744 ETH a day, worth about RMB 150. The mining machine consumes 34kwh throughout the day, and at an electricity price of 0.5 yuan/kwh, the daily income exceeds 130 yuan.

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