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Why do children like to play with water?

Many parents describe their children's quirks as:
running to wherever there is water;
They always try to reach the faucet in the house;
Turning on the faucet and getting themselves soaked to the skin;
Every time they take a bath, they have fun;
There must be water on the floor to step on two feet or more ...
In our eyes, water is colorless and tasteless, and even not interesting.
But in the eyes of children, water is very interesting.
That is why?
1, children have a natural affinity for water.
Each child in the mother's tummy, in fact, has been immersed in amniotic fluid.
This floating feeling and the contact with water after birth, is the same feeling.
After the child is born, the
Whether it is the water flowing from the faucet, or the water held in the washbasin
Or the puddle after the rain, can be the object of fascination for children.

It is only because it gives him a feeling of:
It's like returning to the warm familiarity of the past, a sense of security and familiarity.

French obstetrician and gynecologist Dr. Leboyer once put a newborn baby into water about the same temperature as amniotic fluid.
As a result, the baby not only did not cry, but also had a calm smile on its face.
Because, in the mother's fetus to stay in the 10 months of time the baby has learned to swim.
Also have been used to the feeling of being in the water.
Love of water, is a "womb experience" reenactment.

2. Water has diversity and stimulates dopamine.
"Sand and water are nature's best gifts to children, and no toy can compete with them."
My child, still one and a half years old began to learn to interact with water.
For example, put various toys into the water basin, some of these toys will float on top, some will sink; some of the toys will sink.
some will sink;
Putting laundry detergent into the water basin to make lots of bubbles;
Putting sponges into the water basin, it looks like no change, but surprisingly can squeeze out a lot of water;
Listen carefully to the sound of water flowing and spilling in the basin.
All this is like magic to her.
The child will find it all amazing and joyful.
The form of water is like sand, fluid.
This is too many artificial toys can not be compared.
All this will give the child a great sense of satisfaction and accomplishment.
The child will of course be very fascinated.

What are the benefits of playing with water?
It is the nature of every child to love playing with water.
Think about when you were a child, the river in the summer is our water park.

Playing with water, while having fun, of course, there are many benefits.

1, the development of sensory perception, coordination of muscles.
For children before the age of 6, the way they perceive the world is to rely on the senses to absorb and explore.
The psychologist Zola has said:
The whole point of life is to endlessly explore what is not yet known.
By playing with water, children can develop their senses.
The temperature, strength and power of water is actually very subtle, and the smooth flow of the touch will bring children special sensory stimulation.
Let children experience more water, is conducive to the development of baby's sense of touch, vision, and increase the baby's understanding of the environment.
2, secrete dopamine and develop a positive personality.
In the process of children playing in the water, we do a good job accompanying, not too much intervention and blame, the child will be able to fully engaged in this, feel a sense of autonomy and relaxation.

Such happiness will help them to accumulate psychological energy, and will also help them to face problems and challenges more positively.
Ultimately, all this will allow the child to develop an optimistic personality.

3、Learn scientific knowledge.
When a child plays the game of "water" through perception, he or she will learn how the right amount is the right amount and how the amount is too much.
He or she will think about why water comes out of the faucet when it is turned on.
Where does the water that flows down the sink go?
And, we can also in the child in the process of playing with water, and the child science buoyancy, density and other properties of water;
Montessori once said:
Children in the sensory sensitive period, the need for activity is almost stronger than the need for food.

In such a stage, but will be conducive to the child to fully absorb scientific knowledge.

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