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6 ways to teach you to relieve stress

With the development of society, the pace of society is coming more and more, whether it is life or study pressure is constantly increasing, bringing great trouble to our physical and mental health. What about stress? Psychological stress how to do? What are the ways to relieve stress?

Stress how to stop and rest for a while: we may be busy, we have been not rest, overtime work, which will lead to our mood boredom, is not conducive to our work and physical and mental health, to increase our stress, a good way is to stop the work in hand to rest for a while, to achieve a combination of work and rest. Do not care too much about one thing: we feel stressed, a big factor is because we care too much about one thing, leading us to fear or worry about mistakes. Then very careful and cautious to do, if the time is long, we will be very oppressed, so the pressure is also relatively large, this time we need to relax, do not care too much about one thing, learn to look down.

More communication with other people: usually we have to learn to communicate, when the work encountered difficulties, rather than their own research there, why not communicate with others, your problems can not only be quickly solved, they can also reap the benefits of communication, while the efficiency of work has also improved.

Go to see some funny movies: watching movies is something that many people like to do, when we feel stressed, it is worth going to the cinema or home to watch a funny movie, in the joyful and joyful atmosphere of the movie, our mood will also be infected, in the invisible relief of stress. Go out and blow the wind: stand in a wide place, feel the richness and simplicity of nature, blowing the wind, our minds will become clear, restless heart can be quiet, so that our mind tends to calm, and naturally reduce stress.

Go out running: running is a good way to relieve stress, in the process of running, we sweat, whether it is running or trotting, we can get happy in the movement, their own stress can also be relieved. Listen to light music: a good music can cultivate people's sentiment, which is known to many people, when we feel more stress, may wish to choose a light music to listen to, in the sound of gentle and calm music, our mind can be purified, so that our in the notes of the beat slowly eliminate stress. Talk: find a trusted friend or family member, and they talk about your stress, let them know your situation, so you can reduce the pressure from them. At the same time, when you say it, you put less pressure on yourself, so you can kill two birds with one stone. How to use words and imagination to relax through imagination, training the mind to "wander", such as "under the blue sky and white clouds, I sat on the flat green grass", "I was comfortably soaking in the bathtub, listening to the beautiful I am comfortably soaking in the bathtub, listening to beautiful soft music". Relax, rest and give yourself a mental break for a short period of time, and you will feel peaceful, serene and calm.

Cry when you want to. Medical psychologists believe that crying relieves stress. Psychologists have measured the blood pressure of some adults, and 87% of those with normal blood pressure said they had occasionally cried, while most of those with high blood pressure said they never shed tears. It seems that it is much more beneficial to let your emotions out than to keep them buried deep inside.

Put on your favorite clothes and put on an old pair of pants that you usually love, and then put on a loose shirt, your mental stress will be relieved before you know it. Because the clothes worn for a long time will make people recall the feelings of a particular time and space, people's emotions are also high for it.

Ways to relieve stress

1, eliminate the source of stress the most direct way to relieve stress is to find the source of stress, and then eliminate it as much as possible. If your stress is caused by heavy workload, it may be reasonable to arrange the time, the important work first, the secondary put aside, to be completed in plenty of time.

2, reasonable catharsis pressure is inevitable, in the face of pressure, we may not be able to relieve themselves. At this time, it is worth saying the pressure and discomfort in the heart, or through sports, singing, shouting, crying and other ways to vent out, the bad emotions swept away, the pressure is naturally relieved.

3, do deep breathing when your heart is exhausted, the fastest way to restore smoothness is to take a deep breath, and then think about what exactly makes you feel anxious. Deep breathing can also inject more oxygen in your body, thus making you more energetic. It is recommended to meditate for 10 minutes a day. Meditation is the best way to release any form and degree of stress. It can lower the heart rate and blood pressure, slow down breathing, calm brain waves, restore the body and mind more quickly and smoothly, and prevent the body's immune system from decreasing under stress.

4, diet to relieve stress daily diet more uplifting, eliminate fatigue diet, can also eliminate bad mood and relieve stress. It is recommended to add some slow-release energy carbohydrates, such as fruits, coarse grains, broad beans, nuts and plant seeds to your daily diet list. Nuts and plant seeds in particular contain not only carbohydrates but also protein, which is a good anti-stress food. In addition, you also need to add daily those nutrients that are effectively converted into energy, such as B vitamins, choline, vitamin C, calcium, magnesium, zinc, coenzyme Q, etc.

5, slow movement slow release pressure usually we can moderate the amount of exercise, so that the body to achieve the best posture, so as to be able to be more relaxed, strong, we can choose to swim, walking, yoga, tai chi, etc. will help. Whether at home, work, or even shopping, we are most of the time indoors. Not enough natural light will make our body lose its rhythm and become less and less able to take on stress. Therefore, when you feel stressed, walk more outdoors, even if the weather is not very good, but also to insist.

6, massage to relieve stress method simple self-massage. Such as pressing the temple with the thumb, do eye exercises, have the thumb and index finger to lift and knead the back of the neck, etc. If the candidate's parents know some massage, you can also ask your parents to help massage. Conclusion: After reading the above ways to relieve stress, I believe you already have a solution in mind. You can relieve the pressure from life and society according to the effective method that suits you. As long as we rationalize the time, do not give themselves too much pressure, so that our physical and mental health will be better!

7, Try some fidget toy, such as pop its toy.