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Why do the baby need a quiet book?

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What is a Quiet Book?

A Quiet book is a book for kids made of fabric or felt, which make them be quiet for at least one hour or even more. Usuall,It contains different page activities that engage a child’s mind. Quiet books are suitable for different child’s ages, from one to six years or more.

They are excellent for independent play, fun interacting play with parents, and as a smartphone or a tablet replacement for keeping your child busy and quiet when necessary.

Children love to play with them because they offer lots of challenges and problem-solving activities, and it’s so much fun to play with them. Parents also fancy quiet books because they encourage a child’s imagination and creativity. But the best part is, they help to develop different skills.

And what makes a quiet book so special?

Let’s take a look.

What Are the Benefits of a Quiet Book?

Giving an ideal quiet book to your child will not only help them in multiple ways, but will also benefit you as a parent:

  • It will increase their focus, persistence, and attention span so
  • You won’t feel like you’re needed every minute and will have some time for yourself.
  • It will encourage a child’s creativity, imagination, problem-solving, and fine motor skills and
  • You will have a great resource to spend quality time with your child when playing with them.

So basically, it’s the best educational toy for your child.

Over the years quiet books have evolved to also include variations on the standard book design. Quiet mats, activity cubes and playscapes are becoming more popular, likely because they are more portable and can feature larger scale activities that are logistically hard to fit into a book.

Is Quiet Book Montessori Toy?

If you want the short answer to the question “is a quiet book Montessori toy?” – the answer is no. A quiet book as a whole is not Montessori aligned, but a single page is. 

Does that sound confusing? 

Then I invite you to read further as I break down why that is the case.

Many parents want to buy meaningful, educational toys for their kids. Some of the parents find some trustworthy sources (people, blogs, books, etc.).

Some research on their own or believe their intuition, and some try to follow different philosophies to help them with choosing the right toys.

And sometimes, we are just a mix of everything.

Quiet books are such great educational toys, and many parents are asking if quiet books are Montessori aligned. But before explaining if quiet books are Montessori aligned, let’s first check what Montessori toy means.