Why a Pop It is the new must-have fidget toy?

When you receive an email, opening the bubble wrap will make people feel satisfied, and a new fingertip toy recreates the experience, which can keep you busy for hours while relieving stress and anxiety.

This sensory explosive toy is never-ending and is now the latest toy boom on the market.

All you do is press the bubbles and they will make a pleasant popping sound. Then you can flip the gadget and restart it. It was created to help people who are "restless" or having difficulty concentrating release their nervous energy-but this fashion has become popular among children of all ages.

When you feel anxious, relieve stress and restore mood, the toy promotes itself as something you can do. The product can also help improve children's fine motor skills.

Pop It toys became "popular" on the social media app Tik Tok, where people showed off their numerous Pop It toys of various shapes, colors and sizes. When the toy made a satisfying sound, they recorded the sound of pressing the bubble—each Pop It can make a different sound—depending on the size and material.

The hashtag #PopIt alone has accumulated more than 3.3 billion views on Tik Tok.

The toy can also be used as a two-player game, where players take turns pressing any number of bubbles they want in a row. The player who pressed the last bubble lost.

You can watch the Tik Tok video below to learn how to play the Pop It game.

Most popular it is made of silicon-which makes them easy to clean. Some are designed as mobile phone cases, or favorite characters in movies or games. They can be used anywhere, such as cars, airplanes, restaurants, schools or offices. These toys are easy to carry because they don't have multiple pieces.

Pop It is the latest fingertip toy, similar to colorful, hand-held and pocket-sized fingertip tops (also known as three-axis tops or hand-cranked tops) that are usually made of plastic or metal. Most have a ball bearing in the middle, which helps to rotate the external weight of the toy.

Like any other new and popular toys (think rainbow looms or Hatchimals), spinners sell out quickly when they are popular-usually each retails for $5 to $10, and some are sold at peak times. The price is as high as $25.

Therefore, if you want to know the latest trends, you should consider buying Pop It as soon as possible!

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